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Feng Shui Question & Answer page 7 with Master Jon and Auntie Liu

A Feng Shui Q & A Section page 7 with Master Jon Sim & Auntie Liu. Submit your question here

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Q & A with Master Jon & Auntie Liu
A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

Submit your question here


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Our new house address will be 16411. There are 3 yang numbers, and 2 yin numbers. I am worried that all numbers break down to "4" sounds like dead. Is that the way it works, or is this address ok in the world of feng shui?

Hi Gloria, you don't have to worry about that. Numbering for home address and unit do not play a part in classical feng shui. There is no such thing as lucky or unlucky numbers. For instance many Chinese look upon "8" as a lucky number base on the pronunciation "Fa" that represent sudden fortune and prosperity and avoid 4 "Shi" represent death. That's culture of belief. True FS is about studying of energy flow and not culture in belief of any kind.

Question Posted by Gloria
[Answered : 14:45:08 PM]

Hi. i would like to ask, if my stove & sink are going to be placed side by side, is that ok ? & also, my island kitchen, with the stove & sink, as that is my cooking area will be facing the main door entrance, will that be ok too ? thank you for your time.

The stove and sink shouldn't be too near to each other as fire and water are clashing elements. They should be at least 1ft away. For the island kitchen, you can install a wooden divider in between and separate it from the main entrance. Make sure your stove is not facing towards any of the doors including the toilet.

Question Posted by Lindy Lim
[Answered : 09:33:45 AM]

I can't believe that my husband finally found a job that satisfies him in his career. Thanks you for your advice and patience.

That's wonderful...keep in touch!

Question Posted by Dolly Kwan, SG
[Answered : 16:58:24 PM]

Is it safe to tilt my door for more auspicious facing? Some practitioners do not recommend that because it doesn't generally receive qi well from the environment when the door slant away in an odd manner. Please clear my doubt. TQ

Depending on your hexagram reading and the directional flow of main entrance. Could you provide us with a specific reading? What you've been told are of general terms. Tilting of door is far more complex than just simple description. People do give negative comment for the reason that they do not truly understand the theory behind. Besides studying of directional flow, you need to know exactly what type of qi you're receiving. Is it timely or untimely? Which Hexagram Gua readings are being influence and out of the range...etc.

Question Posted by William Kong
[Answered : 21:40:50 PM]

I hear comments that auspicious date listed in Chinese Almanac calendar are very general. Is it true? How many kinds of calculation method are there for renovating a house? Please advise me.

We can't give comments on that but usually a more skillful practitioner will choose other form of date selection base on individual Bazi (4 pillar of destiny) or building facing instead. This method also known as combining both Heaven and Earth Qi in order to enhance specific person's human luck. It also enable occupant to perform groundbreaking where 5 yellow misfortune stars or 3 killing Sha are located. For professional levels, these date selected can turn those bad Sha into prosperous stars and speed up great results.

Here are some schools of Date Selection:
Xuan Kong Da Gua Date selection.
The Great Sun Formation
Twelve God Principles
Purple Star Date Selection
San He School of five elements

Question Posted by Mandel Chia
[Answered : 10:25:40 AM]

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