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Yearly / Monthly Feng Shui Tips 2023

Feng Shui tips and remedy 2023 for wealth, career and romance luck. Try this at home, bedroom and office.

Increase Wealth, career, business luck and more.

Feng Shui Tips monthly update.xuan kong da gua 64 hexagram xuan kong flying stars chinese horoscope
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Daily Advice

Feng shui is not about buying good luck items.

Feng Shui setting will work in no way, if you do not suppress bad energy at all locations.

Change your Luck with Feng Shui for 2023

Tips For Year 2023

(4th Feb 2023- 3rd Feb 2024)

  • North
    One of the wealth sector for 2023. If your door or room is located in this area, use it often to activate the auspicious star. Alternatively, you can place 4/5 stalks of lucky bamboo tie with red string in this area to promote good financial growth.

  • Southwest
    If you have a room or maindoor at this sector of your house, use it often to improve both career and social status. You can add a a bowl of water with some water plant at this area to enhance the yearly auspiciousness.

  • South
    This is the overall wealth sector for 2023. If your door or room is located in this area, use it often to activate the auspicious star. Alternatively, you can place moving object with red colored decor like red colored moving fans, battery operated moving items in this area to promote good financial growth.

  • West
    West sector is associated with power, authority, reputation and status. If your door is located at the Northeast area, use it often to improve both career and personal luck. In addition, you can place moving object made of metal e.g. clock / bell in this sector.

  • East
    This location indicates accidents and illnesses. Please take extra precaution if you're sleeping or using the Southwest room regularly.

  • Decorate the East sector with items associated with metal element and water to suppress the negative energy. Alternatively, you can activate #6 star to counter the bad effect of East #2. (Special Xuan Kong Formation)

  • Northeast
    Location that
    bring gossip, accidents, financial losses, burglary and robbery.
    You can place a bowl of salt water cure to weaken its negative force and at the same time, enhance personal luck especially if you're sales oriented individuals.

  • Northwest
    A misfortune star that lands in the Northwest Sector is one of the most dangerous star that indicates accidents, illnesses and bad luck. Do not attempt any groundbreaking, renovation or drilling at this sector as you will disturb the 5 yellow. An auspicious time and date must be selected to perform these activities.

  • Southeast
    Sector that is associated with human conflict and poor relationship. In order to achieve harmony and weaken the disturbance forces, you can place a Standing Lamp / red coloured items that represents "Fire" at this area to disperse the bad energy flow.

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Inportant Notes:
If your house is affected by major yearly afflictions - 3 killing, Tai Sui & Sui Po, do not attempt any groundbreaking or renovation especially moving into a new house / office without proper advice. When the afflicted qi is disturbed, it will bring misfortunes like financial loss, injury and sickness.

Wishing you success and may your days be filled with happiness and good health throughout the year.

For date and time selection for renovation and groundbreaking activities in year 2023 please complete our Auspicious Date Selection Online Form.



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