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Consultation with Ancient Traditional Classical Feng Shui techniques by Master Jon Sim

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A smart Practitioner will always advice you the cheapest and practical way to harness beneficial qi.

A good person or a good deed bears good fruits; and an evil person or an evil deed produces evil fruits.

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Professional Audit
Classical or Authentic Feng Shui techniques will be applied for all our services.

Daily Advice: Feng shui is not about buying good luck items.

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Offering you a world class services with prices that is within everyones' reach.

Our Services
( Both Singapore-based and Oversea Services )
All Feng Shui applications are carefully chosen to blend harmoniously with the look and style of modern home / office that does not required you to purchase additional items of luck & charms.

Our Techniques and Applications apply does not involve using items of luck and charms.

Date Selection (Online / Onsite)

Personal Destiny Code Life Reading (Online / Onsite)

Selection of Auspicious Names (Chinese)

Traditional Chinese Name Selection that matches individual birth data with specific strokes and elements matching.

Other Services

Our Pricelist and Rates >>

Offering you a world class services with prices that is within everyones' reach.

For further enquiry, please contact us at

Payment of full consultation fees is to be made upon booking of appointment or during our first visit.

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All residential and commercial data of our customers will be kept confidential. We respect your privacy.


Pls note :

  • Consultation fees for overseas onsite audit, airfare and accommodation not included.
  • For overseas onsite audit , all travel and accommodations operating cost are to be borne by the client.
  • For online services, there will be no arrangement for you to meet our master personally.

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