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Dear Master Jon, Thank you so much for your help. Finally someone gives me a clearer picture instead of a negative answer but with no alternatives.

Selina Pung

This is my first time looking for feng shui master. Thank for spending so much time and effort with me. To me you are a kind and understanding master.

Mdm Koh

Dear Master Jon, Thank you so much for your help. Finally someone gives me a clearer picture instead of a negative answer but with no alternatives.

Selina Pung

I am beginning to see the light now. I am so so thankful that I am able to see your website. You are not only a superb geomancer but you are also a nice and wonderful person.

God bless you always.


I invited Mr. Jon to my office three months ago. I was impressed by his professional approach and practical advices on how to improve positive flow for achieving lasting business excellence. The proposal he offers has been favorable and truly amazed. Our sales have without a doubt been very encouraging.

I would highly recommend Master Jon's Services to anyone who is considering hiring a Feng Shui Consultant.

Rheanna Cheng

Jon! Just a quick note with many thanks that I feel so lucky to have you around. My finances have improved and life is getting better. You are the most merciful and patience master I ever met.


Thanks very much for your explanation and diagrams.
Your guidance is certainly very useful to me.

Sue Wong
Kuala Lumpur

I really thank you for all the advises.
Sincerely thank you for all the advise you have given me.

Molly Cheng

A very good friday morning to you Jon.

Thank you very much for your kind time and reply. You are a real genius, and a great feng shui master. Now I sleep without a heavy weight on mind. May the Angel above bless you always with loads of abundance and happiness too.

Elene Lee

I can't tell you how honored I am that you took the time to give me such a detailed response to my questions! And so quickly, too!

Thank you soooo much!

Stilwell, KS, US

Thank you for your helped! What is ever your gold may it be your high success!
Thank you again!

Cyu An
Michigan USA

I had found your web site last year but with things going so badly we cut back on extras and let go of our ips. We just got back online and I am hoping to be able to continue learning more on Feng Shui. Again,

Thank You for your help, it means so much!

Tracy Duncan
Moore, TX, USA

Thank you for your wonderful response for my query. In fact, your reply has opened a wider dimension of Feng Shui for me. It appears that Feng Shui is not just placing a few things here and there.

Venkatesh Tamilnadu

Thank you again for your helpful hints and hope we can chat soon when I return to the States.


Something wonderful just happened. We really appreciate all of the time you put in to solve our problem. Your proven results really meant a lot to us.

Joe & Frederica,
SG, Singapore

Dear Jon, Thank you so very much for your help, we greatly appreciate it. We'll never forget your great help, you have a big heart of gold.

Thank you very much, you made my day & wishing you all the best!

Arleta, California

Master Jon, Thank you for doing all of this for me, your advice will be so helpful and now I feel very confident.

NJ, New Jersey

I am very happy to receive your reply, with your expert advise and I am sure my life will be change due to your expert advise.

Alice Koh

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