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Chinese Astrology with Master Jon
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How accurate is BaZi fortune telling? Can Destiny be changed with Bazi? How?

Accuracy of results with an experience BaZi master can reach up to 80%. Destiny in Chinese Astrology aspect can be improved but cannot changed. Bazi analysis are just guide towards one's destiny cycle. You must focus on both Human Luck (Our Actions) and Earth luck (Principles of Feng Shui).

Question Posted by Chu Mei Feng
[Answered : 13:05:15 PM]

My house was built in 1888. Which makes it a period 2 house the front door faces south. I believe the actual facing direction is east by the lay of the land. There is a neighbor blocking that view. We use the back door to come and go it is in the northwest side of house. We also use sliding door to the room I added on the northeast side. Front door is not used to often but we do go out and sit on the porch door and is usually opened at least once a day.

Since I moved in 2001, I added on a room in the northeast because the area was missing also a deck above it up stairs. My son just turned 25. Sleeps in the room on the southwest side of house. He has had many legal and substance abuse problems. Is there anything I can do to correct this?

Base on what you've given, your son born in year 1981 & between month of November to December.

Male born in year 1981 belongs to Kan Gua number 1. Southwest sector for Kan Gua is known as "Jue Ming", which means "Totally Loss". When the negative influence of star is timely, it means total loss of wealth and other major disasters...etc. Besides that, the energy flow (Period 2 Natal Chart) in southwest location of the house or your son's room is related to legal issue or separations. For those destiny code (Bazi life reading) who is greatly influence with dreadful gossip stars in certain years, will be involve with legal issue. Avoid using the Southwest room for Gua 1 people. (For this case, do not use the House Sitting Gua even if the building direction faces East and sits on West).

If we'd not mistaken, everything was fine before that. Things starts turning bad and affect him after moving into this new premises in year 2001.

Your backdoor, which is another bad influence, is located in the Northwest sector whereby the negative star is present. This will eventually affect one's health and other abusing troubles. To correct this, the best way is to relocate him in his favorable locations with necessary changes within the premises.

Question Posted by Deborah Sue,
Round Hill, VA
[Answered : 14:22:35 PM]

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