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Frequently asked Q & A Section about Feng Shui with Master Jon Sim & Auntie Liu.

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Q & A with Master Jon & Auntie Liu
A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

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Hi, goodday ! Is there something wrong to hang a waterfalls painting facing my toilet and laundry room which is located north.and painting located in south southeast? please any help is highly appreciated. thank you for your time and i love your warmest regards to all of you!

Picture that resembles mountain or waterfall has nothing to do with Traditional Feng Shui that many practitioners believe it does. Just ask yourself, if these pictures are able to influence a person's earth luck, then why we still need those real mountains and water for collecting the qi?

Question Posted by Edna Hermogeno,
South Korea
[Answered : 11:23:11 AM]

We purchased a house several years ago with 2 dragons facing north at the bottom of the steps to the home entrance. We are about to re-landscape and put the dragons in the back of the house near the pool. We have thought about just giving them away but worry whether the protection we have received so far will disappear. Your comments?

We like to make clear of this; Dragon is not part of Classical or Traditional Feng Shui. Dragons are culture belief of protections, which is not true when you relates it to true FS.

It's just a coincident that sometimes when you feel things went smoothly after you'd installed a dragon at certain location but the truth is, it has nothing to do with that. It is the positive energy of the natural environment or we called it Qi that is influencing your well being. Even you'd remove the dragon; you'll still feel the positives. Feng Shui has nothing to do with superstitious, culture or lucky items. It is base on special calculation that tapped into the positive natural flow.

Question Posted by Lewis & Barbara,
South Korea
[Answered : 10:05:46AM]

Dear Jon
Thank you for your prompt reply :)

Door location in the living room
I 've checked the direction yesterday with a compass and it is at 275 degrees
(facing the door from the inside)
Bedroom -next to living room (bed head sits on East)
House level - ground floor

Dear Constantina,
I'd attached the floor plan with the remedy. By decorating the highlighted location with earth element (Refer to Floor plan) will suppress the negative energy at your door location. Additional, I'd also located your annual wealth corner for the year.

Question Posted by Constantina
[Answered : 12:45:09 PM]

Please help. It seems after we move in our new office we're now encountering loss of money. Well I have been told of placing a small aquarium or fishbowl near the main door and customer service counter but it seems no result. Have I misplaced it? Lastly, will water feature in the bedroom leads to loss of money and loss of relationships. Thanks in advance.

Mountain governs the Man, while Water governs our Wealth. Water feature should be located in an auspicious location with directional flow that matches the period and premises. Locating water point near the office entrance or customer services counter are of general saying and will not assure you'd got the correct matching.

As mention before, water feature in bedroom that leads to loss of wealth and relationships are of another myth or saying. For in depth related issue, it is determined by the matching period, type of qi (energy flow) and so onĄK

Question Posted by Pamela Xie
[Answered : 10:09:45 AM]

Gold fish placement,
I heard that placing a goldfish tank above your heart or brain is bad, is that true. If so where should I place it?

All water should be lower or below (at least waist level) and not above us while the mountain should be higher.

Question Posted by Evan,
SW, Washington
[Answered : 14:22:35 PM]

Dear Master, I'm halfway through the process for renovating my new home. Should our living room colors and decoration be decided by direction of the house?

Direction of the house has nothing to do with how you should decorate your house with proper colors schemes. In the old days, even though colours were believe to enhance a person or our house luck, but that is not the main concern in FS theory.

Classical Feng shui is about direction, location and energy flow (Chi). It is not about how good you're able to interpret it with colours.

Question Posted by Fiomi
California, Georgia
[Answered : 21:50:08 PM]

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