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Feng Shui Question & Answer page 5 with Master Jon and Auntie Liu

A Feng Shui Q & A Section page 5 with Master Jon Sim & Auntie Liu. Submit your question here

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Q & A with Master Jon & Auntie Liu
A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

Submit your question here


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I read that you should not place water on the right hand side of your front door. Does it mean right next to the door? Or anywhere on the right hand side of the door? What if that is the place where the lucky water star is? Thank you for your kind advice.

This theory is totally wrong. You are allowed to place water on either side of your front door. Just be sure that the water feature do not violate both the direct spirit rules.

If there's a good facing star located at your front door area, you do not need any remedy for the reason that the door itself already had activities on its own.

Question Posted by Annie, Houston
[Answered : 15:35:05 PM]

Dear Master,
Our family financial is not doing well for the past few years. Main door facing direction for my gua was "Liu Sha", wife gua "Jue Ming" and house gua facing " Jue Ming". We intend to tilt our door facing to an auspicious direction. Is Sheng Qi a recommended direction? How to go about?

Tilting of doors are not for beginners and it not just about 8 mansions. You need to know about both heaven and earth period with a full understanding of individual I-ching Gua flow and how it can affect your own element. External environment is another factor you need to be aware of (Flow of Qi). Even you had the correct facing, but with bad external energy, you're wasting your time.

Door facing towards inauspicious direction in 8 mansions can be easily cure with correct remedy and does not require you to tilt a doorframe. If you find it necessary, seek a professional help or you may contact us.

Question Posted by Noel Watson
[Answered : 09:35:11 AM]

Should we paint our daughter's bedroom with blue and apple green to improve her studies?

In actual fact, feng shui colours does not play an important role. To support academic performance, you need to locate her academic palace with practical application.

Question Posted by Joanne Lee
[Answered : 11:50:19 AM]

Is it advisable to place plant throughout home and office?

Plants by itself represent life force, which encourage beneficial energy flow for an environment provided that they are placed correctly in suitable locations. Wrong placement would instead cause bad energy flow. You have to be very careful with where you place them.

Question Posted by Mr Lawson
[Answered : 20:12:15 PM]

I invited Mr. Jon to my office three months ago. I was impressed by his professional approach and practical advices on how to improve positive flow for achieving lasting business excellence. The proposal he offers has been favorable and truly amazed. Our sales have without a doubt been very encouraging.

I would highly recommend Master Jon's Services to anyone who is considering hiring a Feng Shui Consultant.

tons of thanks
Rheanna Cheng

Thank you so much for your support. Best of Luck.

Question Posted by Rheanna Cheng
Singapore, Pasir Ris
[Answered : 01:27:06 AM]

I was born in the year of the snake, Kua #4, east group person. I purchased this home in February, lost my job end of April. Cannot obtain another. My front door is in the northwest area of the home and my couch faces the door. I am concerned that this is a grand duke Jupiter and needed to know what to do about this. Thanks, Sue

Hi Sue, It's really sad to hear that. One way is to shift your couch & face towards the east direction. But that's only part of it. We're sure there are other factors that cause you to losing your job.

What's the period facing star located at your main door?

If you're comfortable with, it will be nice you can send us your date of birth including time. We'll try to enhance your personal career area base on your Destiny code.

At the meanwhile, try this remedy
Locate your compass ( between 115 & 125 degree ), place a pot of small indoor plant on 4th Aug 06, time between 1-3pm or 7-9pm..

Question Posted by Sue, Bloomfield NY
[Answered : 13:27:30 PM]

Hi Aunt Liu & Master Jon, My wife and I belong to two different Gua. She is Gua 9 & myself 2. Any advise both can share the same room & at the same time sleep with our auspicious direction.

Do not make yourself confuse, you can choose both your auspicious location base on House Gua and not personal. This can be measure using your house sitting direction.

Question Posted by Carlos
[Answered : 14:21:30 PM]

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