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We have grown some of this kind of bamboo plant in our garden and these are at the South (quite close to the South -west area). Lately, we were told that these bamboo plants are not auspicious because they are more or less similar to those being used for funerals. We do not know whether these people are right. Moreover, their roots are very fast growing and will spread to a wider area. Can you please give me some advices on this?

I need to know whether these bamboo plants bring bad chi or bad for feng shui, which may affect the residents in one way or another. We were told to remove them as soon as possible. If we have to remove them for some specific reasons, we can only do so after the 15th day of Chinese New year. What worries me is that they are located at the South, which is not an auspicious sector. Please let me have your views and advices.

It is a belief base on "Chinese Culture. In actual fact, Bamboo is a very useful plant that is able to lock up a large amounts of carbon dioxide and converts it into carbohydrates, resulting in a release of oxygen. It is also one of the biggest contributors to global warming. If you study carefully, quite a numbers of households actually plant them in the garden and are doing great.

Question Posted by Irene
[Answered : 22:43:25 PM]

I 'm a Singaporean living in Vietnam, born on 20/1/1964. I am confused with my "life element ". In Vietnam all masters said I am metal element (gold foil) and based my fortune-telling on a metal-life person. But most books put me as a Water Rabbit with Kua 1 (Kan - Wood). But masters in Singapore as well as on-line ba zi readings put me as a Strong Earth life person. My heavenly stem is Water, Earthly Branch is Wood and Concealed Element is Gold Foil. So what am I actually? What is the difference between life element and kua number? Which version should I use for the most personalized and accurate reading?

For your info, life element is used for analyzing a Bazi Chart while the Kua numbers are for Feng Shui Purposes.

Base on your given birth data, you're an Earth person born in the month of Chou, Earth. In a destiny chart, a person element is represent by the Day Master (Day Pillar) and not by the reading of Year pillar.

Each pillar when combined with another will form a flowing pattern that shows an outcome. The day pillar represents you and your spouse while the year, correspond to one's young age and grandparents.

If you intend to study the art of Bazi, our advice is, at least find yourself a master to get the formula correct rather than studying on your own through books for the reason that most books seldom disclose the true secret. For instance, a person wealth is not always represent by wealth star "Pian Cai / Zhen Cai". Depending on whether you're a strong or weak day master. Occasionally, we need other stars (Ten God) to analyze one's wealth luck.

Question Posted by KK Phua, Singapore
[Answered : 13:09:23 PM]

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