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Feng Shui Question & Answer page 10 with Master Jon and Auntie Liu

Q & A Consultation Section with feng Shui Consultant Jon Sim & Auntie Liu.

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Q & A with Master Jon & Auntie Liu
A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

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I was born on July 6th 1968. Following the 8 mansions kua from books and Internet resources, I've shifted my door and stove facing to my Sheng Qi direction hoping that it could bring me wealth but things never improve and got worst. Anything I missed out?

Dear Larry, there are few possibilities for this. Besides annual afflictions, time factor is one of the major and most concerned issues. We're afraid you'd miss this important step. Secondly, do bear in mind that relocating of doorway for new directions are not for beginners. It may look simple but you need other form of calculations to get everything right besides Ba zhai method.

Thirdly, from your given birth data, you belong to Kun kua which is 2 earth. You shouldn't locate your stove facing towards your Sheng Qi direction in the first place even though it may consider the best direction. What you did had accidentally trigged the unpleasant within this Kua. Hope you'll get everything right in time with necessary changes.

Question Posted by Larry, SG, Holland
[Answered : 13:56:11 PM]

Dear Master, I was born in the year of the Dragon and things didn't work out so well for me this year. Any way I can enhance my personal interaction with my customer as to boost my sales?

Place a cup of water in the Northwest location together with a piggy bank in your bedroom or office work desk. This will enhance your customer relationship for this year.

Question Posted by Peh Hua
[Answered : 16:05:10 PM]

I want to buy a fighting fish for good feng shui in the living. Will it help? Another problem is if you are relying on living fish to provide you with luck, what does it mean when they die?

With correct placement it does help depending on the dimension of your home. Fish itself do not provide you with luck or other magical powers. It is used to liven up qi (energy) for stagnant water. In olden days, there are no special pumps to create moving water, and fishes are used for these purposes.

We're not relying on live fishes to provide us with luck. If your fish die often, it does not mean anything. You should check your water parameters.

Question Posted by Gin Hua
[Answered : 18:13:11 PM]

Hello masters, just brought home an oval shape wealth pot & was given instruction that it can change my home from period 7 to 8. After a while, I suspect that it sound too good to be true. Please direct me am it truly work in this way?

We're sorry to say that what you've been told is absolutely a myth. We'd personally come across similar cases like that and to us it's just another form of marketing gimmicks. Changing of period does not work that way and often, it require you to move out of the property within a certain period of time with special instruction given. The only house structure that enable them to change according from period to period, are those build with special opening at a specific location of the building.

Question Posted by Hugh.M
[Answered : 16:11:12 PM]

Hi, I would like to ask whether it is ok to place the Guan Yin facing a shoe rack (Cupboard to place shoe inside it)? Actually this is the only position we can place these 2 furniture inside the house. I would like to know where to place the 3-legged Toad (Fengshui item) in a house?

Its doesn't matter whether the Guan Yin is facing a shoe rack, as long as it is located at a good mountain locations. For 3-legged Toad we can't give any comments. It is more of culture belief and not part of Classical Feng Shui.

Question Posted by Charlotte Young
[Answered : 09:11:40 AM]

Jon! Just a quick note with many thanks that I feel so lucky to have you around. My finances have improved and life is getting better. You are the most merciful and patience master I ever met.

You are most welcome!!!

Question Posted by Kimberly
SK, Singapore

[Answered : 14:12:10 PM]


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