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Q & A with Master Jon & Auntie Liu
A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon.

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I live in India. Mine is a flat given by Government Department for which I work. . I do not know the year of construction of the flat etc. I have just placed a water fountain in the northern sector. I am fascinated by Feng Shui however there are not many people who can help me in this city. How can you help me in this regard?? Will the fountain affect us adversely? However, after activating the Relationship & love corner, my relationship with my wife has improved quite a lot.

Please advise what I should do for a consultation and how Feng Shui can help me?

To acquire house period, you can actually approach the help from surveyors. They would usually have the dates' records from the builder/developer. This is how we usually get the information.

If again you are unable to get the info of the year of construction, there are always other special techniques, which we can apply for the analysis. They are advance Feng Shui applications that do not require the needs of knowing the house period.

As for the fountain you're activating now, we need the exact floor plan for analysis.

Before we could advise you further, you should give it some thoughts to what you want to achieve. Perhaps you may be concerned with the wealth aspects of your life. But to understand, Feng Shui is about acquiring balance. We will have to first study the "Wealth Element" in your Bazi luck cycle. For instance if the "Wealth Element" in your Bazi Pillar (Destiny reading) is too strong, focusing too much on wealth itself would cause an unbalance and make things worst.

In Feng Shui, it is simple to focus just on the wealth, but the toughest part is how do we accumulate it and prevent the wealth from flowing out? You must know what is it that makes a man rich; understanding the "Key elements" to generating true wealth.

Just some info for you:
As you know "Wealth" do not just fall from the sky. For instance, before a businessman could actually get more deals or sales and make himself rich, he must first have a good human interrelationship. Without these interrelationships, you can't build that trust between you and your clients.

What we're trying to say is that if you focus too much on wealth, neglecting the other important factors, you may find yourself losing more. Wealth can come easily and go easily too. At the end of the day, without the necessary keys to support the correct growth of your wealth, you may end up back at the original state. So the key will be "interrelationship" and not wealth.

In Feng Shui, there's no point for you to focus on those strength you're strong with. Just like the five elements, when it gets too strong, it may actually cause a weakening effect. Rather, you should concentrate on your weakness to create the balance. Try to understand the core problem and what you want.

Question Posted by Venkatesh
[Answered : 11:12:23 AM]

Thank you for your reply. I need to bother you again. If I am not wrong, the flying star chart of my house's north sector is having Facing Star 2, and our main door is located at this sector. I have placed a rolling water feature at this sector to improve my children's career luck. Will it manifest the sickness star 2? Thank you.

We believe you'd got the whole picture by now.
Remember during our last email we'd mentioned that "Since you may have some general knowledge in Feng Shui from books reading, most probably you'd been taught to install water feature for wealth enhancing ˇK so on."

Base on your facing direction, there should not have any present of real water especially in the garden.

With the present of rolling water feature, not only it will cause health problem but loss of wealth during the months or period where the strength of sickness star 2 is strongest. It will not show any harmful sign when the months are neutral.

Further more, base on your husband birth chart; he will have both sickness and financial difficulties in recent years especially 2007 and 2008. You're advised to remove the water immediately.

Question Posted by Suzie
[Answered : 12:45:16 PM]

Master Jon, Thank you for doing all of this for me, I've ask so many questions I feel like you've been in my house already, this information will be so helpful and I feel very confident. I will keep in touch with you

Best regards

Youˇ¦re most welcome.

Question Posted by Maggie
Houston, Texas
[Answered : 15:36:24 PM]

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