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Feng Shui Question & Answer page 11 with Master Jon and Auntie Liu

A Feng Shui Q & A Section page 11 with Master Jon Sim & Auntie Liu. Submit your question here

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Q & A with Master Jon & Auntie Liu
A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

Submit your question here


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Is it true that we should not visit a fortune teller too much time??? They say is no good and can bringing our luck away. Thanks for your help.

That's just another myth and of superstitious believes. We'd mentioned numerous of time that Feng Shui and Destiny Code analysis are base on scientific theory with calculation. Do you think it will drain off your luck just by visiting a fortuneteller too often?

Question Posted by Allie Bel
[Answered : 09:28:34 AM]

My main door is located in the southwest part of our house. Above the main door is our bedroom bathroom. Is this bad?

In general, main entrance located in southwest sector of your house is considered good. But whether a not the occupants are able to tap into the beneficial Ch'i will depends on his or her personal incoming & outgoing gua. That is why different members living in the same apartment enjoy different type of luck and fortune. Bathroom located in SW sector above will be fine as long as its not fall into the center palace.

Question Posted by Shirley Tan
[Answered : 11:09:36 AM]

My house is period 7 era with main door located at double 7 sector. I read elsewhere that if my house belong period 7, 7 stars will still be good for me.

In Period 8 cycle, time and space of the earth luck number 7 star is consider untimely and become retreat. You should suppress its back away energy immediately unless you're using the double 7 combination for other formation.

Question Posted by Sherman, SG
[Answered : 16:08:18 PM]

My company bumps into few lawsuits this year. In actual fact, we should not be the one to put into blame but some troublemakers from my company makes me got into the mess. Which part in feng shui should I be careful of to prevent such troubles?

Are there any water feature installed in your office? We're afraid that you may accidentally violet your "Guan Sha" aka Official Sha palace or negative annual stars within your premises. Please email us a detailed structure of your office including your birth data. Hope we're able to solve your problem and areas you need to lookout for.

Question Posted by Tony Rose
[Answered : 23:11:15 PM]

I have been miscarriage twice ever since I move into this new house 3 years ago. Here is my house measurement - main building facing S and front door is at the side SW. Hubby and myself occupying the master bedroom at Far North. Anything could had wend wrong?

Dear Joy, you should be cautious about your front door that is located at SW. You can do a simple check and get back to us again. Are there sharp edges pointing towards your main door (especially ends connected with stairway)?

Question Posted by Joy, SG
[Answered : 18:38:05 PM]

What should I do if my house main door is at the West "Five Yellow" location for this year?

You can either hang a metal wind chime on your main door or by using the coins remedy with a special date given to suppress the negative energy produce by 5 yellow.

Question Posted by Bob.L, Canada
[Answered : 11:24:55 AM]

I'm living in an apartment flat of a building that falls under period 6. Recently, the whole building is undergoing new renovations with new lift added. Will these changes turn whole building to into period 8 houses? Thank you

This will depends. If all existing residents continue to stay without moving while the renovations took place, the period cycle of your building remain unchanged.

Question Posted by Greeg, SG
[Answered : 17:45:07 PM]

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