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I have a quick question I read somewhere that if you take dirt from a rich man's house and place it in your desk in a red envelope with large detonations in it you will also enjoy the fruits of your labor being increased. If this is so can you please tell me how to place and what do I place in my office draw. I went to one of the wealthiest businessmen's home in my country and I took some soil from his yard, my question is what is my next step.

This method can easily be done but the question is, does it work all the time?

Question Posted by Georgia
[Answered : 15:10:09 PM]

I have been doing my own research through reading books and online for quite sometime. Can you kindly help me clear my doubts? I am born in 14 Oct 1985 XXX. I would like to know which is my favorable or favorable element? Which come first? Is it water or wood? Thank You.

Base on your bazi chart, both water & woods are actually your unfavorable element.

If you're doing a self-research on your bazi to determine your favorable element, I believe you'd miss out some important part. You may have come across theories like the strength of your day master is determined by the month or season you're born, but this is only general. The rest of the pillar & its hidden element play a very important role too.

Take note of your chart. There's one Bing Fire and Ding wood on the heavenly stem. Beside that, do consider the hidden strength of the earth month.

Question Posted by Leisll
[Answered : 16:38:55 PM]

Hi master, there is a straight road dashing directly towards my front door. Can I use a bagua mirror to counter it?

Placing of Ba Gua mirror at the front door will not counter the negative qi.

Question Posted by Bryan Ong
[Answered : 14:28:15 PM]

My husband is a Kun and I am a Sun in a Period 6, South 189 degrees facing house. The entrance is in the southeast, master bedroom in the northwest, my husband's office in the southwest, and the kitchen is in the southeast. We have been having serious financial problems for a long time even with Feng Shui consultant\'s help and conflicting advice from Feng Shui authorities. One said to put water in the southwest and east and another said to remove the water feature from the southwest of our garden. and put water in the west which I have done. We have not seen much success in shifting the water features. My son's bedroom is in the west and has had much success financially but his health has not been the best. He is a Chen. I hope that you can clear up the water issue and why we are having so many problems. Thank you for your help.

I'm not surprised with your financial issues. Base on your house flying star, there should not be any present of water feature especially in the garden (West). Remove all water immediately.

Question Posted by Helen
[Answered : 11:13:17 AM]

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