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A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon.

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The Auspicious Dates & times Selection in your website, is that based on the Chinese Calendar or the International one? I was born in Goat year and my husband was in Pig year. Is that good to move in to the new house on the 2nd Dec,2007? If according to your chart, today would be great but not sure which calendar that we should refer to. Please advise!

It is in a form in International / English Calendar reading, translated from "Tong Shu". Dates in Tong Shu are considered "Basic Date selection system". In short it means on the "Safe Zone" purposes only. If you're looking at specific purposes e.g "Wealth", "Prosperity", "Feng Shui Cure" and so for, you need other advance techniques for matching your personal Birth Data (DD/MM/YY) including time of birth.

Question Posted by Fenny Reichart
[Answered : 19:33:56 PM]

I bought and shifted into the above shop for business 16 years ago and business was good. After 1 year ago, business started to go downhill until today. I have noticed that my business getting not so good after I had upgraded from a HDB to a Condo. Before that, I was doing well even before I started this company. I do not know whether is the problem of my house or anything to do with the arrangemnet of my shop.

Its is likely that the problem lies in the Condo units. Another thing to take note is that you may accidentally triggered the bad sector in your office for that year e.g wall nailing work or wrong placement of water feature etc... Lastly, it could be that your beneficial luck period in your destiny reading had passed.

Question Posted by John
[Answered : 22:23:16 PM]

Is putting a nail into a wall considered "hacking" for Feng Shui purposes?

It will depend on the amount of area. The practice of nailing on walls is normally applied to suppress or cure negative energy if you accidentally triggered a bad sector, for instance 3 killing. This must be done within a specific time given.

Question Posted by Lim Chin Han
[Answered : 14:22:58 PM]

Can we change our destiny by using Fengshui?

It helps to improve and suppress the unpleasant within a certain limit. In layman's terms: maximize the good and minimize the bad.

Destiny cannot be changed but we can improve on it with appropriate action.

Question Posted by Elisabeth
[Answered : 10:24:16 AM]

I have a question on moving time. If the auspicious time is from 7-9am on the date of the move. Does that mean that I should only move during that 2 hr span or does it mean that as long I initiated the move between the auspicious time (7-9am), I can continue my move throughout the rest of the day.

If you're referring to "Moving", you can stop the process anytime as long as you'd initiated the move between the auspicious time given.

Question Posted by Tien Lim
[Answered : 10:50:13 AM]

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