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Q & A with Master Jon & Auntie Liu
A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

Submit your question here


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Hi masters, I've been studying flying star feng shui on my own for several years. My question goes like this; Activating flying star #8 promises good results? I've been placing indoor water fountain at water star #8 location for many months, but no results shown. Is there anything goes wrong? Thank you again.

There are few factors you need to take note but most important, the study of external environment. This is one of the biggest mistakes that were often made during an audit. Many people got the habit of jumping straight into internal property without studying the external flow. Activation of star #8 will only show results if it is tapping with the correct energy flow from the external.

Other factors to take note, to name a few: Incoming and Outgoing Gua reading of a person, Main door direction and Annual Affliction.

Question Posted by Nancy Wong
[Answered : 17:28:34 PM]

How accurate is BaZi fortune telling? Can Destiny be changed with Bazi? How?

Accuracy of results with an experience BaZi master can reach up to 80%. Destiny in Chinese Astrology aspect can be improved but cannot changed. Bazi analysis are just guide towards one's destiny cycle. You must focus on both Human Luck (Our Actions) and Earth luck (Principles of Feng Shui).

Question Posted by Chu Mei Feng
[Answered : 13:05:15 PM]

I recently learned a little bit about Feng Shui. Could you please advise more on direct and indirect spirit? I realize some practitioner fly the stars negatively.

It's hard for us to explain and disclose all the detail here. In short, location of Direct and Indirect spirit aka mountain and water palace that changes from period to period. You need to take note that Water placement & activation of qi location have different Indirect and direct spirit rules base on heaven and earth period cycle. For more information, you can contact us through mail or phone.

Question Posted by Judy Sykes
[Answered : 17:28:15 PM]

Nearly every Feng Shui Consultants have different theory of their own. How to choose a trustworthy one?

Trust your own instinct. If you're unsure, ask question. If something sounds too good to be true, be careful. Avoid those who beat around the bush asking for more money on unnecessary items. You can easily tell whether their services are base on superstitious theory or true logical terms.

Question Posted by Alfred Hall
[Answered : 09:23:15 AM]

We just move into my new apartment 3 months ago and notice there are poison arrows pointing into our main door. Our friends suggested placing a pot green plant. He also told us plant bring good luck as well.

Plants are one of an excellent yet cheapest feng Shui cures for clearing negative energy and at the same time achieve positive flow of Chi.

For a detailed case study of your problem, we need to know exactly your facing direction of your door and where does the poison arrow is located. Not all the negative energy can be fully cleared with the use of green plants. Sometimes you need certain outflow formation to fully release it.

Question Posted by Kenny & Susan
[Answered : 19:59:46 PM]

Is there a wealth corner in every house? Does Southeast represent wealth?

Yes. Every house has its own wealth corner. It is where the timely star responsible for wealth being located. A precise measurement has to be taken to locate the corner. Do not jumble with New Age Ba Gua. Southeast sector does not represent wealth.

Question Posted by Nelson
[Answered : 10:35:07 AM]

Understanding that a person needs to have a good Bazi and a good Feng Shui environment for success and well-being. Does good Chinese name help out too?

Having an ideal name does help in a way base on individual Bazi element, but again, it's not at all essential. A good Chinese name only represents 5% of the basic Chinese metaphysics. It wouldn't help at all if you're living in a dreadful environment.

Question Posted by N H Toh
[Answered : 23:14:26 PM]

I love pictures and images of the sea and brought a few as part of my bedroom deco, but I have read that water of any kind including pictures in the bedroom leads to loss of money and loss of relationships.

Where you got this incorrect informations? Pictures of Sea View is fine. We'd mention before, even correct placement of real water in bedroom can bring peace and harmony into your life.

Question Posted by Tedrick
[Answered : 21:28:15 PM]

Exactly how fast and when can we see results from feng shui?

The fasters we'd predicted were between 7 days to two weeks. The rest were between 49 days to three month.
In general no one can predict exactly when the result can be seen.

It also depends on individual yearly luck and the time activation of remedies.

Question Posted by Romania
[Answered : 13:18:14 PM]

I was born in 2/28/68, year of monkey. Which color do I need to paint for my room to invite beneficial energies into my life?

These are one common mistake made. Different shades of colour do not invite beneficial energies. Colours are in a way related to five elements but this ancient Chinese knowledge is not an art of decoration or how you fill your room with colours but a study of how environmental influence of Qi can affects the residents.

Question Posted by Alvin Kong
[Answered : 21:30:40 PM]

Can you please advise me? I was told by a geomancer that good luck charm or items are part of classical feng shui. Does it really bring us luck?

Unless your charms or good luck pieces had gone through a proper Blessing Ceremony. Nevertheless, Good luck charms are not part of classical Feng Shui. Be clear to know which sect does your advisers belongs to. Some sect does practice with the use of these charms. But again, a professional geomancer will always advise and help their clients to achieve the best possible benefits and not to benefit themselves through selling of good luck items.

Question Posted by Xiao Yu
[Answered : 17:55:12 PM]

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