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Feng Shui Question & Answer page 3 with Master Jon and Auntie Liu

A Feng Shui Q & A Section page 3 with Master Jon Sim & Auntie Liu. Submit your question here

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Q & A with Master Jon & Auntie Liu
A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

Submit your question here


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Having an audit done on the 7th month in the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival cause bad luck?

Its up to individual belief. But here's a question you can ask yourself. Imagine if you're living in a dreadful environment, don't you think each month is considered unpleasant?

Question Posted by Winnie & Dave
[Answered : 23:12:35 PM]

Do your Feng Shui services apply to name cards meaning what colour element must I use?

That is considered a modern marketing invention. We do not practice that.

Question Posted by Rain
[Answered : 21:42:38 PM]

Is it advisable to hire more than one Feng Shui master to perform an audit?

We know many people do that and make comparison. Our advice is never ever try that. You're just making things worst unless you're sure of their skills. If you wish to do that, please be patient and wait at least until the third to fourth month to see what kind of result is shown before you proceed to find another.

You must know that practitioners are divided into different levels and uses different school of feng shui practice, ranging from Da Gua Sect (aka 64 Hexagrams) method to popular Flying Stars practice and Eight Mansions formation. During an audit, they may use different method in making changes.

Question Posted by Roslyn and Keith
[Answered : 15:55:25 PM]

Something wonderful just happened. We really appreciate all of the time you put in to solve our problem. Your proven results really meant a lot to us. Just a suggestion…Will you include a testimonial write up page from satisfied customer in future?

Great news! That's something we'd love to hear it.
If you would like, you can share your testimonial with your friends and family. We don't intend to put a page like that at the present moment. We just love what we do and we let our work speak for itself.

Question Posted by Joe & Frederica, SG, Singapore
[Answered : 09:19:05 AM]

Should my house furniture supposed to be higher on the left or lower on the right facing out of the main door according to Green Dragon and White Tiger rule?

Do not apply this theory inside your home or office. It is meant for external enviroment only.

Question Posted by Vincent Ho
[Answered : 21:42:38 PM]

Can we activate yearly wealth star 8 if it flies into the Direct Spirit Palace?

If you're familiarized with 64 Hexagram heavenly formations, yes you can. Take Notes, even if you know the formula, you are only allowed to do so with a "MINI" size water feature for the reason that the degrees of placement are very limited.

Question Posted by Ricky
[Answered : 13:11:26 PM]

Good morning, Mr. Jon & Aunt Liu. A fortune teller told me that back door of the house facing tall trees will causes harm to lady owner. After my husband planted a few last year at our backyard, I went into a period of depression. I don't quite know how but something must be wrong. The fortune teller told me to place a pair of Qi Lin and Tortoise of Happiness at the backdoor but still no improvement. Should I remove those trees as an alternative?

We're sure something went wrong but definitely not those trees that are causing harm. A pair of Qi Lin and Tortoise at the backdoor will never improve your state of depression. Those are way too superstitious.

Question Posted by Kristen
[Answered : 10:11:26 AM]

3 killing is in the North this year, am I allowed to place an aquarium there?

YES you can. The forces of 3 Killings will only make active when you renovate on it.

Question Posted by Samantha Jones
[Answered : 14:18:56 PM]

What are the best ways to block 3 killing?

One of the simplest methods is to avoid ground breaking or renovation on 3 killing location. But this is not considered the best method because these killing forces still exist. In order to fully disperse its negative energy, you need other special formula.

Question Posted by Samantha Jones
[Answered : 16:09:47 PM]

Is it better to have oval or square shape furniture in my living? I hear having square shapes are bad for Feng Shui. Last of all, do I need special measurement for its length and height?

Any shape and measurement of furniture will not at any cause affect your Feng Shui. Some practitioner had the habit of having specific measurement for furniture but that is something you can ignore with.

Question Posted by Mrs Ang
[Answered : 10:33:15 AM]

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