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A Feng Shui Q & A Section page 15 with Master Jon Sim & Auntie Liu. Submit your question here

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Q & A with Master Jon & Auntie Liu
A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

Submit your question here


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I would like to know, in a Northeast Kitchen, I am installing flooring on top of an existing flooring, adding new cabinets, replacing the old, getting new appliances and new lighting, does this constitutes any "groundbreaking" that I must be concerned about. Thank you.

Goundbreaking is just a term and it consists of earth digging, renovation and installation work...etc. Even though some activities may not seem related but it is put into consideration too.

Question Posted by Rosemary
[Answered : 11:41:56 AM]

Is it bad luck to move to a new apartment around chinese new year?

It does not concern whether if its fall during CNY. So long as you'd move in with an auspicious date that matches you.

Question Posted by Kathy Lee
[Answered : 15:16:35 PM]

My sister gave me a giant Japanese fan to hang on the wall.. and one of my co naissance told me me that it is very bad feng shui to have a fan as wall decoration.. is it true.. thanks a lot.

Thank you for submitting your enquiry. What you've heard is a myth. Having any a paper fan as wall decoration is not related to Ch'I and will never causes bad influence to your premises.

Question Posted by Lourdes,
Geneve, Swizerland.
[Answered : 19:22:35 PM]

Hope you are able to help...Thanks.

Some information first:

1) My bday: June 30th, 1977
2) Wife's bday: August 27th, 1978
3) House build in year 2001
4) East/West house (Facing East, Sitting West)
5) First Floor (N: Office, NW: Living Room, W: Stairs/Couch, SW: Breakfast Room/aquarium, S: Kitchen, SE: Dining Room, E: Main entrance, center: Bathroom)
6) Second Floor (NE: Bonus Room, N: Master Bathroom, NW: Master Bedroom, W: Stairs, SW: Mom's room, S: Laundry/Bathroom, SE: Extra Room, E: Empty space, center: hallway)
7) I frequently use the office in the evenings.
8) Kitchen is ALWAYS active, as my mom spends a LOT of time cooking in there.

Money never stays...even if extra money comes in, some unseen expense comes.
Debt keeps on piling even when we are extra careful to avoid it. Money is a HUGE problem, me and my wife earn enough..collectively we earn a X figure income, but it never stays. Thank you!

Yours is a period 7 house facing East. Main entrance is located at East location, which is unfavorable. Both untimely stars locating there had great influence for the Big Taiji of the house. Even though you'd locate yourself in some of the favorable sector, all these favorable location had already deteriorated by the Big Taiji formation of the house.

Remember in traditional Feng Shui, the location of main door is very important. Here's an example the importance of main door. Our main entrance is like our mouth. If the opening is affected, we'll never get the taste of good food and absorb good vitamin for our body. As time goes by, our body will show bad results affecting us both mentally and physically. It's like a cup with a hole at the bottom. No matter how much water you'd poured, it can never be filled.

Main door and office in the East and North sector is unfavorable for you and your wife. When these negatively energy becomes timely, it means loss of wealth without one noticing. For instance, overlook for bills. That is one reason why debt keeps coming in even if you're are extra careful with it. For office and working space, it is advisable that you relocate it in one of your favorable room . Or locate your work desk in the west small Taiji of your office.

Aquarium in your Southwest location is good for period 8 but that doesn't mean all house formation is ideal for having bubbling water there. It has to depends on the type of Chi follow in the SW sector. If your house is facing East 1, it is fine to locate an aquarium or water feature there but it need to be remove in the year Rat 2008. Lastly do take note of your external feature.

Question Posted by D.mesh
North Carolina
[Answered : 15:31:55 PM]

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