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Feng Shui Question & Answer page 4 with Master Jon and Auntie Liu

A Feng Shui Q & A Section page 4 with Master Jon Sim & Auntie Liu. Submit your question here

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Q & A with Master Jon & Auntie Liu
A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

Submit your question here


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Any cure to put someone with sleepless night into good sleep? It seems I do not enjoy sleeping at all.

Yes, different location of placing one's bed for good night rest can be affected by incorrect placement especially palace related to direct & indirect spirit. But you may want to confirm this before hiring a consultant. How long you have been using the same mattress? Is it out of quality? Sometimes it does happen not because of bad feng shui. We ever came across similar cases and find out that the occupant has been using the same mattress for more than 15 years. After he had change to a new one, everything solved. Please keep us upated.

Question Posted by kelly Wilson
[Answered : 11:12:35 AM]

Hi my husband is a western group and #6 on the Pa Tzu compass, his vitality direction is west which this year 2006 is the worst luck. I would like to know which direction is best for sleeping west or northwest. His hexagram I-ching is double ch\'ien for Northwest which looks great but his good fortune is Northeast but his only good hexagram is Northwest. Last year was excellent for finances this year really bad, is there a remedy?

Our house sitting and facing is northeast and southwest and period 8 all good luck for this year. I have a small fountain in the main door with green plants which is directly East section of house facing northeast .I have asthma which stopped bothering me completely when I put in the live plants, I had a small fountain in the north but I removed it, was that a bad idea? It wasn't helping our wealth. Is the fact that my husband vitality direction is West and the bad luck of the west this year affecting us? Last year was excellent luck with same house, same job, same office, no renovations no disturbances of any kind.

Thank You

Dear Patty, Thank you so much for your question & answer.

Yes, in general, having a water feature in North Sector this year do enhance wealth. But you must understand that it's not as simple as it seems. Since you'd mention that it wasn't helping your wealth much, remove it. As we explain earlier in one of our article, you need to know which palace (Sector) base on your house facing is outgoing gua. For example if your north sector belong to Outgoing Gua, no matter how hard you've try to activate that prosperous location, there will be no result shown at all and not because of your husband bad vitality direction. To check the Outgoing Gua palace, you need exact house-facing reading because these theories are base on hexagram period.

Last year seems to be a year with excellent luck because prosperous stars are located both at your main door and west sector of your house & bedroom. Base on your house facing direction which is Southwest, there will be some prosperous change beginning of year 2017. But make sure you perform a cure every year when yearly inauspicious star and negative energy like 3 killing is located at your main door.

It great to hear that your small water feature in the main door with plants in your East sector of house facing Northeast does enhance your health. Water produce wood which signified strengthen of health. It may also be the reason that you've enhanced your health palace base on destiny code and stabilize your asthma condition, which is good.

Question concern about your husband, avoid sleeping in the west and shift to Northwest or Northeast. Although west is his Sheng Qi but that does not always guarantee the best location in eight mansions. Eight mansions are only part of Chinese metaphysics; other layers and formations are needed to study the actual true auspicious location.

His good fortune is in Northeast, there's always a way he can be allow to sleep in that spot even though you mention that his only good hexagram is Northwest. There are all together 8 hexagrams reading in each location. You can easily locate a new spot in particular sector by titling the bed facing towards the hexagram degree that suits him.

Here's our advice:
Relocate the bed to Northwest or Northeast sector.
If he wish to continue using his West sector, place some metal object in the West & wait for 3 weeks.

Question Posted by Patty Adamsno, Puerto Rico
[Answered : 16:13:08 PM]

If a house itself have the best feng shui, do that mean any one living inside enjoy the same luck?

Each of us were born with different life Kua and code of destiny and enjoy different energy flow. But in a way, we do tap into similar beneficial qi flow. For example living in a harmony environment, helping one another while having difficulties or sharing the same joy.

Question Posted by Philip Winger, Greenwich
[Answered : 17:22:17 PM]

Annual Star 5 is located in my sleeping area this year. How can I suppress its energy?

You can either place objects made of metal or by using ancient coins remedy, at your sleeping location. Lastly, which is consider one of the best method, salt water cure.

Question Posted by Wilson Pun
[Answered : 10:49:45 AM]

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