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At Home with Feng Shui
Feng Shui your Home with Chinese principles of harnessing qi.

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My main entrance doorway for my home is facing towards a Cross Junction. These causes bad luck?

Not Always the Case. Main entrance facing towards a Cross Junction may also indicate gathering of positive energy and bring about prosperous luck to occupants.

We need to examine the exact location of your main entrance base on the "Incoming" and "Outgoing" House Gua
for your problem.

Question Posted by Sally Teo
[Answered : 08:10:48 AM]

Can you direct me which type of houseplants is best kept for feng shui purposes? Someone told me its not recommended to place indoor plants like Tie Shu and cactus near the main entrance. Thanks in advance

What you've heard is just another old folks myth. Tie Shu, aka corn plant (scientific name Dracaena Fragrans) are just another type of plants that produce the same function like most Plants does, to help keep the indoor environment clean, aiding in oxygen/carbon.

Question Posted by Lynne
[Answered : 13:15:38 PM]

A lamp pole directly in front of the main door causes bad luck? Can you suggest a cure to dismiss my fear?

You need to observe how close this lamp post / pole is to your main door. If it is located across a fairly wide street, you are quite safe. If this problem is present, the best way we normally advice our customers is to tilt and angled their front door (door frame) away from these objects.

Besides solving the problem, one advantage using this method enables you to choose and locate a more auspicious facing direction base on prosperous "Yun Gua" aka Auspicious Timely Gua of the period using a Luo Pan compass.

Question Posted by Agnes Koh
[Answered : 15:35:30 PM]

We just move into my new home apartment 3 months ago and notice there are poison arrows pointing into our main door. Our friends suggested placing a pot green plant. He also told us plant bring good luck as well.

Plants are one of an excellent yet cheapest feng Shui cures for clearing negative energy and at the same time achieve positive flow of Chi.

For a detailed case study of your problem, we need to know exactly your facing direction of your door and where does the poison arrow is located. Not all the negative energy can be fully cleared with the use of green plants. Sometimes you need certain outflow formation to fully release it.

Question Posted by Kenny & Susan
[Answered : 19:59:46 PM]

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