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Date Selection : In-Person Consultation
Date Selection Analysis Service

Qi Men Dun Jia
Thank you for your interest with us.

Please fill in the below form with the correct and accurate details.

Appointment Form: Date Selection
(In-Person Consultation)

Your Personal Data :

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Personal Birth Data MM/DD/YY ( Including Exact Time you're born )
In Western Calendar Format
Jan/12/1969 Time 17:20 am/pm


Choose only i) or ii):

i) Your Family Members or Business Partners Birth Data ( If applicable ) :
Date In Western Calendar Format

Members staying in your New Home
Family Mother / Father - Jan/12/1958 Time 17:20
Spouse - ( M/F ) Jan/12/1972 Time 17:20

Partners in your Business
Business Partner 1 - ( M/F ) Jan/12/1972 Time 17:20
Business Partner 2 - ( M/F ) Jan/12/1972 Time 17:20

ii) Bride or Groom Personal Birth Data ( for Wedding and Marriage only
Date In Western Calendar Format

Bride or Groom - ( M/F ) Jan/12/1972 Time 17:20

Purpose of Date Selection:

Dates for your events (a period range to do the selection)
I'm moving my house beween Feb/13/2006 to Feb/23/2006.
Preferable to be on weekends or weekdays

For Other Purposes:
Any other requirements should also be clearly stated in advance.

Our Online Administrators or Master will attend to you within 48hrs.

However, due to the amount of requests that we are receiving,
if you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please re-submit your request.


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