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Importance of Auspicious Date Selection

Date selection is considering the most important factor in Feng Shui practice.

XKDG also refers to the 64 hexagrams ( I Ching hexagrams ) that represent different element numbers and period numbers.


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Auspicious Date Selection
Date selection is consider as one of the most important factor in Feng Shui

Importance of Auspicious Date Selection
Personalize Date Selection for Special and Important Occasions.

Date Selection Application

Date selection is considering the most important factor in Feng Shui practice. Beside studying the crash patterns of individual Chinese Zodiac Symbols and the date using a Chinese Almanac aka Tong Shu Chinese Calendar, we uses the secret theory of Xuan Kong Da Gua (Secret of Former Heaven Sixty-four Hexagram Chart) "element number" and "period number" to combine both Heaven Qi and Earth Qi patterns to enhance Human luck.

XKDG Application

It is base on your personal Ba Zi (The Year, Month, Day and Hour pillars of a day) together with the Heavenly Sixty-four Hexagram Chart for selecting a more specific auspicious for;

Important occasions such as:

  • Weddings (Bazi Personalize Application)
  • New residence
  • Opening of businesses
  • Business Transaction
  • House & Office renovations
  • Setting up Feng Shui Formations
  • Activation of water features (Wealth Location)
  • Date Selection for Caesarean (Bazi Personalize Application)

  • & more...

Auspicious Date for Wedding and Marriage >>

Without an auspicious date being selected, your Feng Shui setting or day for important events will never work to its fullest. And sometimes, they might not even work at all! Worst cases, it brings misfortune effects caused by Sui Po, San Sha (3 killings forces), Po Re (Broken Day), Five Yellow, and Goat Killing Forces.

Next time when you engage a Feng Shui master for an fengshui audit, remember to ask for an auspicious date before making changes or setting of your house and office to enhance good effects and avoid misfortune causes by bad Sha.

General Auspicious Date & time Selection >>

Importance of Date Selection - Moving into New House
(A True Case Study)


Professional / Personal Date Selection Services
(XKDG & Bazi Matching application)

For Xuan Kong Da Gua Date selection for major or special events by our Master, please complete our Auspicious Date Selection Online Form


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