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Auspicious Date selection - Wedding and Marriage.

Auspicious wedding date selection for a Happily Ever After Marriage.






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Auspicious Wedding Date Selection
Choose an favorable wedding date to give you a Happily Ever After Marriage.

Importance of Auspicious Wedding Date Selection

Your wedding day is certainly one of the most important days in your life. Surely you would want that day to be a joyous day with everything going smoothly?

Having an auspicious date for your wedding day can help to ensure that your big day will run smoothly without facing much stress and difficulty. And most important of all, getting married on auspicious date that complements both you and your spouse will help to start off that new journey of yours on a favorable energy field, attaining a happily ever after, beautiful marriage.

Qi Men Dun Jia

How auspicious date are selected

Beside studying the crash patterns of both the bride & groom's birth data, we uses also the ancient secret theory of Former Heavenly Chart, basing it on "element qi" and "period energy" to combine both Heaven Qi and Earth Qi patterns for a more specific and favorable wedding date that best suits you and your spouse.

Professional / Personal Date Selection Services

For Personalize Date selection of major or special events by our Master, please complete our Auspicious Date Selection Online Form


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