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Commercial feng Shui Consultation and services

Commercial feng Shui Consultation by Master Jon Sim

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Beware of commercial "Rip-off" who offers low service charge, but cost you ten times more by selling unnecessary items with hidden charges.

Feng shui is not about buying good luck items.

A smart Practitioner will always advice you the cheapest and practical way to harness beneficial qi.

Singapore Feng Shui Consultant Consultation
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Professional Audit
Classical or Authentic Feng Shui services

Commercial Consultation ( Both Singapore-based and Oversea Services )
Advance Booking Required!

Only Traditional Classical & Authentic Feng Shui* techniques will be applied for all our services with after-sales support.

Applicable to those who is/are:

  • Running a business
  • Expanding their business
  • Starting a new business
  • Restructuring their business

In order for us to audit your office, you need to provide the followings:

  • Your personal birth data including time of birth
  • Birth data of Key management staffs
  • Exact year of construction of the building your business is located
  • Exact date of moving in
  • Copies of office floor plan

Our Auditing Procedure:

First Visit:
For us to collect all essential information and perform a comprehensive study of your office environment.

A detailed explanation and reports for all findings with computer-drafted plan.
(Via email or Self collection at our main office)

Final Visit:
Upon completion of necessary changes base on our computer-drafted plan, please notify us for final inspection.

Payment of full consultation fees is to be made upon booking of appointment or during our first visit.

Our Pricelist >>

For an exact quote, please fill and submit our Feng Shui Audit Request Form.

More Services:

*All applications and techniques apply does not involve using items of luck and charms.

We respect your desire for privacy and all residential and commercial data will be kept confidential.


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