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Most recent Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon Sim & Auntie Liu.


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Myth or Truth Q&A
In Feng shui aspect.

Master Shen Jon Sim

Geomancer / Consultant

Q & A with Master Jon & Auntie Liu
A Feng Shui Q & A Section with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

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I'm seriously thinking of hiring a Feng Shui consultant to my place. What I'm afraid of is they will ask me to place items that are too oriental. I belong to a protestant Christian family and do not wish other fellowship to notice when they pay a visit to me.

You don't have to worry about that. People have great misunderstanding that after an audit, your house will be fill with Oriental decorating style. We'd mentioned numerous of time that Feng Shui is about balancing the energy flow in our environment and how we can improve the flow of beneficial energy. It is not about how to decorate your place with items.

Its true that in olden days, you'll be asked to place oriental items and decorations for the reason that practicing of feng shui is originated from Chinese. Its quite normal for chinese to blend in with culture belief together with FS theory.

But today, these culture change as the world become advance. Will you still use an olden days Chinese abacus (calculator) if modern calculator is besides you? The only thing remain unchanged is the energy flow around our enviroment.

In today's world of Feng Shui techniques of harnessing beneficial energy flow; it is put into practice to blend harmoniously with the look and style of modern living that makes it unseen to others. These style can be blend into all kinds of design including pop art and modern zen. You'll be surprise that most of the house and office with FS formation are done in way that no one will ever make notice of. In another words, when someone enters your home or office and realize that you'd probably apply FS theory within the property, you'd failed the job.

Question Posted by Mrs. Stevenson
[Answered : 13:23:45 PM]

Can you explain Feng Shui a belief or natural science of environmental?

First of all, Feng Shui metaphysics are not based on superstition and religion belief. It is a mathematical science for balancing the environment and energy flow around us.

Existence of science begins with human curiosity and exploration to the world. Through time and space, these explorations become great knowledge in the form of scientific equations that turns out to become great invention. For instance, the invention of solar calculators, hiking compasses, and rocket that goes into outer space.

Feng shui itself share the same theory with a proven track record of over 3000 years and that is why its still in use today.

Why some people still regard feng shui as a culture belief because in ancient world of Chinese society, these secrets are kept very close to masters and only pass down to disciple who're closely related to them. Until today, these cycle keep repeating. Unlike westerners, they share their discovery to the world. For that reason, superstitious though derives. But in actual fact, feng shui is true mathematical science for balancing energy flow in our world of Chinese metaphysics. How environment influences us can be explained.

Question Posted by Joshua
[Answered : 09:55:22 AM]

Dear Master, your 2007 yearly flying stars remedies says that it only apply to houses or offices that already had good Feng Shui and correct "Ch'i" energy flow. Does that mean we need to fengshuied our hse before we apply it?

Dear Lynn, why we mentioned that for the reason that applying annual flying stars techniques can both be complicated and yet simple. Before the stars actually took result, you need to first have the correct "Ch'i" flow from external environment. Most practitioners had the habit of jumping straight into the internal property base on stars chart and forgot about the external environmental flow. No point if you're good with finding all internal remedies but your exterior environment is bad or with unpleasant energy low. This consists of door facing as well. Feng Shui is about how well you're able to tap into the correct chi with the surrounding that will enhance our quality of life.

Question Posted by Lynn
[Answered : 09:11:56 AM]

Keeping small bowl of gold fish in bedroom means loss of wealth?

These are just general terms and concepts. If your secondary wealth corner is located inside your bedroom, a small fish tank or water feature can bring about great fortune to occupant. Do take notes that the goldfish don't bring you wealth. It is the water that gathers the good "Qi" to bring about beneficial changes in your life.

Question Posted by Robert Teng
[Answered : 19:23:15 PM]

I was born on July 6th 1968. Following the 8 mansions kua from books and Internet resources, I've shifted my door and stove facing to my Sheng Qi direction hoping that it could bring me wealth but things never improve and got worst. Anything I've missed out?

Dear Kenny, there are few possibilities for this. Besides annual affiliation, time factor is one of the major and most concerned issues. We're afraid you'd miss this important step. Secondly, do bear in mind that relocating of doorway for new directions are not for beginners. It may look simple but you need other form of calculations to get everything right.

Thirdly, from your given birth data, you belong to Kun kua which is 2 earth. You shouldn't locate your stove facing towards your Sheng Qi direction at the first place even though it may consider the best direction. There's a hidden 5 yellow within this kua number. Hope you'll get everything right in time with necessary changes.

Question Posted by Larry, SG, Holland
[Answered : 13:56:11 PM]

Nearly every Feng Shui Consultants have different theory of their own. How to choose a trustworthy one?

Trust your own instinct. If you're unsure, ask question. If something sounds too good to be true, be careful. Avoid those who beat around the bush asking for more money on unnecessary items. Classical FS is about energy flow, locations and directions. You can easily tell whether their services are base on superstitious theory or true logical terms.

Question Posted by Alfred Hall
[Answered : 09:23:15 AM]

Does leaving the toilet seat up flush away your wealth?

Wealth in Feng Shui had nothing to do with toilet seat and it does not flush away your money.

Question Posted by Simon Ong
[Answered : 14:45:09 PM]

I just shifted into a peaceful, beautiful home with garden and nice scenery surrounding it. But I noticed since we moved in, we have had nothing but financial problems. Do it mean that a beautiful home does not always have good fengshui?

Storing stuff like old used book underneath my bed and dead plants can cause bad feng shui too? Please advise.

Financial problems in Feng Shui aspect are normally related to bad influence of the house structure and wrong mountain locations. Another issues which is the most important that we need to take note is the influence of the external environment.

A gorgeous looking house with nice scenery does not guarantee you anything. Many people had mistaken that a good-looking property will always provide you with the best energy, which is totally wrong. You're a true evidence yourself that we believe you'd finally stayed in a dreamed home of your own, but what happen next?...nothing but Financial Problem.

We'd heard too many theories that says you need to clear everything underneath your bed,?... how your money being flush away related to toilets and so on. Those are "MYTH". What you'd just bring out is another famous myth; a deadly plants will cause bad influence. Again, the answer is "No". Because it is relates to the word "dead" doesn't mean it bring bad energy. Think again; what about your home furniture? Aren't they produce and manufacture using dead wood too?

Feng Shui is calculation base on specific directions and locations. It is not about theory that relates to a story or related word. For instance, when you think of a toilet, it relates to you with word "Flush" or "Wash Away". Does that means it will flush or wash anything away? "No" of course. We're not here to relate it into a story flow or meaning of the word "Flush Away."

People love to relate all this "Words and actions" with Feng Shui theory which can easily mislead you. If you're seriously looking into all these factors, you need to make sure which are the Myth, Truth and which theory falls under Culture believe..or worst even,...superstitious.

Question Posted by Chirstina, Hesperia Ca
[Answered : 14:11:16 PM]

In Japan, my is very room small side by partitions. Fen Shui will come to be bad?

Hi Ryoko, it does no matter. Even with limited space, you can still enjoy good beneficial energy as long as there are proper spaces for allocating correct assignment together with good external features.

Question Posted by Ryoko
Tokyo, Japan

[Answered : 11:56:19 AM]

According to bazi reading, my lucky element is fire. Please help me with direct advice what color to paint my room or is I am supposed to wear anything in red.

Dear Cassandra,
this has been one of the commonly asked questions. Customers who came to us are often surprise that we actually do not give any recommendation on specific colours they should use. Classical Feng Shui is about how environmental energy flow influence us. Its not about what you should wear or how you should decorate your room with colours.

Recently, a visitor writes to us that he has lost his job after painting his bedroom with blue. He is afraid that blue that represent water is his unfavorable colours. We told him that the incident took place not because of the colours but something else. Later we found out that he had accidentally done a small installation work at a bad location for this year. After advising him what he should do, the problem is being resolved.

Here you can see that filling up your room with colours related to your favorable or unfavorable element will never at all influence your luck. Most important is the Qi (Energy flow). If colours are one of an important factor, we must as well paint our wealth corner in blue that represent water rather than placing a real water flow features.

That is why a practitioner with true Classical Feng Shui background will hardly ever advise how you should fill your room with specific colours or what you should wear.

Question Posted by Lum, Cassandra
[Answered : 11:15:12 AM]

Jon! Just a quick note with many thanks that I feel so lucky to have you around. My finances have improved and life is getting better. You are the most merciful and patience master I ever met.

You are most welcome!!!

Question Posted by Kimberly
SK, Singapore

[Answered : 14:12:10 PM]

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