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Biography of Master Jon Sim

Biography of Traditional Feng Shui Master Jon Sim. AOF Consultancy
Founder and Principle Consultant.

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Master Jon Sim


In my early days of practice, like many when they first got to know about Feng Shui, my primary focus was on making a fortune and wealth. I used many lucky charms, believing that they could bring me great luck and fortunes. I practically mess up my whole house with all these charms and items until I forgotten which is which and what purpose they are for.

And they are not cheap I must say. It costs me more than thousands of dollars to own them. I am just like a collector. At this moment in time, I realize I am actually spending more than what I am getting in return. I start to question myself. Am I applying things correctly? Why doesn't things seem to work at all? Here, I am not commenting on whether these lucky charms or items work but at that time, what I see is zero results.

Only at a later stage, I stumbled across the philosophy of true Traditional Feng Shui by chance. The influence of the natural environmental "Qi", the principle of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements and everything makes absolute practical sense to me. Now, that sounds more like Feng Shui than the Feng Shui that I earlier knew. Interest and curiosity grew within me.

I took the effort to research more on Traditional Feng Shui and the more my interest grew. What captured me was its practicality. To begin with, I must admit that in the past, I did look upon Feng Shui with a bit of superstitious belief. Afterall, all I want was to get rich and that was all I care. But when I realized how practical and scientific Feng Shui is, I decided to find for myself the answer and to master this remarkable art. Perhaps to just add on, I am someone who is always impressed by the great art and wise knowledge of the Ancient Chinese.

So, I went full time into the in-depth research and studies, which include also Life Destiny, Time & Space Metaphysic, following under the guidance of several traditional masters. For the first time in my life, I was really focused. Whenever any doubts hit me, I make sure I get the answer to it. And I guess all these lead to who I am today. Well, if you believe in life destiny, everything in life happens for a reason and after going through so much to becoming who I am today, I believe this is my destiny. Today, to mention the very word Feng Shui, I can still feel that gush of adrenaline pumping within me.

A little brief history of myself. Before embarking on my Feng Shui profession, I was in the design and branding industry, running my own business. But still, I just can't seem to put my heart into things. Work becomes just an everyday routine. It was until I got in touch with Feng Shui that I once again find that passion in life, so much so that I decided to abandon my design business to go full time into mastering the art of Feng Shui. A rash decision many have remarked but this is one decision, which I never regret and in fact, glad to have made.

Now, everyday is always such a beautiful day to me. Meeting my new clients and friends now beats so much more excitement than to meeting my old clients when in my design and advertising days. I see times more challenges and satisfaction in meeting my everyday new projects. That sense of satisfactions I get from truly helping those in difficulties is beyond words that can explain

Art of Feng Shui Consultancy
Founder, Principal Consultant

Jon Sim is the Principal Consultant and Master Trainer of Art of Feng Shui Consultancy Since 2006. A master in the practice of Chinese Metaphysic Art, which include Classical Feng Shui, Life Destiny Reading, Time and Space Metaphysics. With the wise knowledge in the law of Yin & Yang and Life Destiny Reading, he has helped and counseled many, both online and onsite, to acquiring and experience the benefits and joy of balanced living.

Brought up in a very traditional Chinese family environment, Jon has been long exposed to the wise Art of Chinese Metaphysics and Philosophy at a young age. The passion and love for the Chinese Art is born into him.

Through the years, Jon has been educating and spreading the true art of Classical Feng Shui to the many around him. Today he has taken another step, establishing a complete Mastery Course in the Art of Classical Feng Shui, playing the role of a great mentor guiding those who seek the interest and knowledge in the great art of Classical Feng Shui.

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