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AOF Mastery Program: Feng Shui Home Study Course

AOF Mastery Program in Traditional Feng Shui practice Home Study Series.


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AOF Home Study Series Mastery Program Course Detail.
Ancient Chinese Metaphysics & Manuscripts.

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Over the years, the popularity of Feng Shui has grown tremendously and it has spread fast and wide across almost every country. Today, we see many different schools of Feng Shui practices, which consist of also many different systems.

With so many to be looking at, it can get really confused as to which are the right ones to go for. Nonetheless, with so many claiming to be practitioners with a master theory in Feng Shui, it can sometimes be hard to make good judgment and get the correct advice. Till today, there are currently no legal requirements to be a certified Feng Shui Consultant.

This Classical Feng Shui Mastery Program seeks the purpose of educating those who truly pursue the correct learning and understanding of the great art of Feng Shui. It is specially designed and arranged to allow distance learning for the student to master the skill at their own pace and at the comfort of their own home.

In this Mastery Program you will learn the in-depth knowledge and applications of true Traditional Feng Shui. Specially arranged with lots of easy to follow diagrams and examples, this self-study series will bring you through from the very basic to the advance level of Traditional Feng Shui practice.

And in this program, you will also find your answers to the secrets and advance formulas that were seldom disclosed:

For Example:

  • House units or individual apartment of the same building can sometimes have few different periods. Why?

  • Difference between the San He (8 Mansions) and San Yuan (Xuan Kong Flying Star) way of taking facing direction?
    Both San He and San Yuan method of taking facing and sitting direction of a house is read differently. Why?
    (Original script written by AOF)

  • Taking Facing Direction:
    - What if there are multiple entrances? Or more than one entrances?
    - What if you have a lobby Door / Balcony?
    - What if a building has no facing?

  • House Facing using Open & Enclose Concept of "Qi" flow?

In the Olden days or even till now, many special formulas have been closely kept between the masters and their own disciple or descendants. But today, we will disclose them to you and in an easy to understand way, which will save you years of scrutinizing and studying the Classical Menu Script. In the shortest time possible, you will be able to obtain the knowledge and skills of the true art of Traditional Feng Shui.

This is one lifetime knowledge that money can't buy. Once you mastered the skills, it would follow you forever. At your own flexibility, you can apply the knowledge professionally to improve on your personal life, career, wealth, health etc and nevertheless, to be able to help those around you too who include your very loved ones.


AOF Home Study Series
Mastery Program : Art of Classical Feng Shui

Course Structure:

Module 1A
[ Course Preview ]


  • Introduction To Classical Feng Shui
  • Understanding of "Qi"
  • Physical Environment
  • Understanding Of Trinity Luck
  • Two Classical Feng Shui System
  • Understanding Taiji (Yin & Yang Principles)
  • Understanding the 5 Elements Concept
  • River Map (He Tu)
  • Luo Shu
  • Introduction of Bagua
  • 10 Heavenly Stems And 12 Earthly Branches

Compass Reading
How to determine the correct Facing and Sitting of a house / office?

Do you know there's a difference between the San He (8 Mansions) and San Yuan (Xuan Kong Flying Star) way of taking facing direction?

  • Taking Measurement With Compass
  • 24 Mountains Directions
  • Death And Emptiness Lines
  • Taking Facing And Sitting Direction

    Where do take the compass measurement?

    - From the door?
    - 3 meters from from the door and building?
    - Center of the house?
    - Yang Side where there are busy activities?
    - External landfrom?

    Which is Correct?


  • Introduction of Four Celestial Animals
  • Recognising
    - Mountain
    - Rivers
    - Landforms / Shape

    - Destructive Influences
  • Recognising Good And Bad External Features
  • Identifying A Good Feng Shui Environment
  • House And Its Interior Feature
  • Remedy For Negative Influence
  • Location Vs Direction

Module 1B
[ Course Preview ]

Eight Mansions Feng Shui (Ba Zhai Feng Shui)

  • Eight Mansions Feng Shui
  • Favorable and Unfavorable Stars
  • Meaning of individual Eight Mansion Stars
  • Determining Your Personal Gua
  • Calculating Your Personal Gua
  • Determining Your House Gua
  • East and West Group Gua Chart.
  • Applying Eight Mansions Feng Shui Formula
  • Making Use Of Personal And House Gua
  • House Gua Vs Personal Gua
  • Complementing East and West Personnel Staying In Same House

Advance Eight Mansions Feng Shui

  • Derived of Eight Mansions
  • Five elemental of Bagua and Eight Mansion Stars
  • Assigning Of Favorable And Unfavorable Stars
    (Changing Lines of Hexgram)
  • Location Vs Direction
  • Level of heights and influences
  • Big Taiji versus Small Taiji
  • 8 Palace Vs Eight Mansion Stars
    (Why a most Favorable location can become inauspicious)
  • Remedy for negative sector (Part 1)

Time and Space

  • Time Factor and Strength of individual Stars
  • Time Factor on Eight Mansion Stars influences

24 Mountain Directional Influences

  • 24 Mountain Eight Mansions
  • Advance application of Eight Mansions (Na Jia System)
  • Remedy for negative sector (Part 2)

Module 2A
[ Course Preview ]

San Yuan System

  • Brief History of Suan Yuan
  • History of Xuan Kong
  • Time Dimension of San Yuan Cycle
  • Time & Space
  • San Yuan Stars And Their Characteristics

  • Determining The House Period
    House units or individual apartments of a same building can sometimes have few different periods. Why?

  • Taking Facing And Sitting Direction ( Pure San Yuan System)
    How to determine a house facing and sitting?
    - Main Entrance?
    - Building Intentions?

    - Or by external qi? Which the correct?

    Taking Facing Direction
    - What if there are multiple entrances? Or more than one entrances?
    - What if you have a lobby Door / Balcony?
  • All student who have completed the course will have full confident with common topic like:

    - How to determine a house facing and sitting confidently?
    (The Traditional San Yuan Method)

    - Understand the theory of taking direction between San He (Eight Mansions.etc) Vs San Yuan (Xuan Kong)

    - House Facing using Open & Enclose Concept of "Qi" flow

  • Plotting A Flying Star Chart
  • Superimposing Star Chart onto House Plan
  • Identifying Real Missing Corners
  • Characteristic of Timely and Untimely Stars


  • Unlocking The Keys To Flying Stars Formula
  • Understanding Sitting And Facing Stars
  • Characteristics of Sitting & Facing Stars
  • Activate The Favorable Stars
  • Correct application to activate Sitting Star & Facing Star
  • Facing Stars versus Sitting Stars
  • 4 Key Flying Star Combination
  • Enhancing Wealth Applications
  • Enhancing Health And Personal Well-being
  • 3 Important Factors (Qi, formation and element)
  • Influence Of 5 Elements on The Stars
  • Remedy of Negative Stars
  • Combination 10 Remedy Formula

Advance San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars

  • External Influence
  • Special Formations and Structure
  • Castle Gate Formula
  • Imprisonment Of Timely Star & Remedy
  • Flying Star Influences on Personal Gua
  • Xuan Kong Water System (Direct and Indirect Spirit)
  • Sub-Indirect Spirit
  • Big Taiji Vs Small Taiji
  • Changing of House Period
  • Air Well Application
  • Locating Academics Sector
  • Flying Stars Combination And Their Meaning

Module 2B
[ Course Preview ]

Annual & Monthly Flying Stars

  • Influences of Annual And Monthly Flying Star
  • How To Locate The Annual Stars
  • Applying Annual Flying Star
  • Activating and Remedying Annual Flying Stars
  • How To Locate The Monthly Stars

Annual Affliction

  • 5 Yellow
  • Three Killings
  • Time Influences of Three Killings
  • Grand Duke (Tai Sui)
  • Age Break (Sui Po)

Date Selection

  • The Great Sun Formula
  • Application and Calculation

Heavenly Romance Star

  • Heavenly Romance Star Formation
  • Locating Heavenly Romance
  • Red Lover Star

San He (Three Harmony) System

  • Introduction of San He System
  • The Eight Destructive Road
  • The Eight Killings Forces
  • Peach Blossom Destructive Road
  • Three Harmony Water System

San He Wealth Formation

  • Five Ghost Carry Treasure
  • Secret Formula and Application

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