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Feng Shui Mastery Student Testimonials

Testimonials by students who completed Feng Shui Mastery Program with Master Jon Sim, see what our students have say.

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Student Testimonials

Testimonials from students who has completed
AOF Mastery Program : Art of Classical Feng Shui

For years, I took up many different courses on xuan kong flying star feng shui. I meant to learn Feng Shui, it has got to be flying star and nothing else, isn't it? But then again, I was burdened with many questions and doubts in my head. Somehow, I just couldn't achieve the result wanted. Does this system work or have I missed out something, I kind of felt disappointment and thought of just giving it up.

Then by chance, I get to know Master Jon through a friend, he is kind enough in sharing some pointers and tips with me. At that time, I thought he was just trying to boast his skills and to sell his course. But his words did catch my interest and attention and I went back and try to digest his theory. To my amaze and doubts, by following his theory, my house came out with a total different reading. Are you serious? I laugh to myself, why should I listen to him, none of the masters who I learnt from taught me this way. Somemore he is not as famous as the masters I followed. But for fun, I tried it out anyway and readjusted my bed, desk and water feature and indeed I felt some improvement after a week or so. It's probably coincidence, let's wait and see. One month passed and by then I clearly know it is not any coincidental changes. Since I have already spend so much on so many courses, no harm spending a little more, I took up Master Jon's course as a private student. I am happy to learn many new and "undisclosed method" that I previously wasn't taught and most importantly, I am able to see results.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Koh Evelyn
Advanced Flying Star Practitioner
March 2013

"I studied the Art of Feng Shui Mastery Course with Master Jon Sim. I must confess I didn't know if I would be losing my money, but the truth is that it's the best investment I've did in many years. My wife learned feng shui with another master, and although I can't really compare both systems, it seems to me that in this Course I found many jewels that many feng shui practitioners will not learn in their other courses. It's profound, very easy to understand and easy to apply. What I liked the most is the readiness of Jon to answer all of my questions. He really delivers what he promises. I highly recommend this Feng Shui training". Thanks Jon.

Cataluna, Spain

After going through Master Jon's Feng Shui course, I felt that my feng shui skills have been turbo charged. The experience & knowledge he has shared is awesome and I say it because I have tested it on cases with positive results.

After all that I have gained, I must say I have found a great school with true Classical Feng Shui knowledge at very very affordable fee.

Thank you again, Master Jon.

Alan Chong
Selangor, Malaysia

It was a great learning experience. At first, I was still with many doubts that an online correspond course would be good but it turned out to be one great course. It felt just like attending a live class. I practically emailed master Jon every night with my many questions but he never fail to reply me with good and detailed explanation. Thank you master Jon for your time and patience with me.

Edeline Lu
Markham, Ontario, Canada

It's definitely worth taking the course. I have took up a few feng shui course before and there is many skills taught here that you can't find elsewhere. The practical lessons are explained very clearly with easy to understand diagram. Thank you master Jon for imparting the true feng shui to me. I finally found the best teacher in life. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Alameda, CA

This has been an enjoyable course. I have learnt many things from the course and finally understand what is classical Feng Shui. I could now apply Feng Shui on my own without the help from others. Thank you very much.

Su Ann Leong
Campbelltown City, Australia

"If you're serious about learning classical feng shui then Master Jon Sim's program is a must. He does an incredible job of explaining what I consider to be the deeper, more dynamic levels of feng shui that go beyond the basic foundation of Compass feng shui. Using a blend of the Traditional schools that Jon teaches will make you a much more effective consultant and allow you to experience the greatest benefits feng shui has to offer."

Chriss Barr
Feng Shui & Dowsing Expert
National Speaker, consultant & Founder
Palm Beach Feng Shui
West Palm Beach, FL

Chris is a widely respected expert on Feng Shui and Dowsing for homeowners, architects and entrepreneurs. She is known for combining a unique blend of classical Feng Shui and Dowsing strategies that work exceptionally well and that are rarely used together anywhere else in the world.

Most teachers are good at teaching the formula but did not completely explain the methods of applying. With AOF Program, the teacher is open and provided great guidance with many easy to understand diagrams and examples.

Emily B
San Francisco, CA

After going through the course, I realize how little I have known ever since I have been practicing this art especially when I actually missed out the importance of time factors.

Tomoko. K

Honolulu, Hawaii

I'm using eight mansion feng shui all the while in my practice from my first master. But little did I know that there's so much more to eight mansion feng shui. There's More Than Meet's The Eye !!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful notes. It's excited to see how this theory can create such transformation.

Richard Hudson
New York, NY

Feng Shui has always been mystery and complicated to me especially when there are so many courses in the market that teaches different methods. After taking this course, I know I am on the right track. Hope there will be chances of learning more from you in the future.

Lynda Tan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This book teaches you the fundamentals in practicing with an open mind. It has everything you need to know - the correct way to analyze a house and understanding of the subject. I feel like an expert now.

Christine White
Financial Planner
San Mateo, CA

I have always thought of Feng Shui to be really hard to learn. But my Mentor Master Jon is able to guide me through every process in the simplest way. We are fortune to have such a mentor that shows you the way with his gifted talent.

Anne May

Interior Decorator
, Practitioner
Alameda, CA

It nice of you to be sharing Feng Shui theory that I haven't heard elsewhere, probably never thought before. It's a great and fun exposure for me.

Kathryn M J
Cumbria, England

I can't tell you how many times I turn to Jon for guidance during the course. With his patience and ability in explaining complicated formula in simple words. You made my day!

Michelle Lum
Therapy Specialist
Branchville, NJ

This course opens your eyes to the true meaning of Traditional Feng Shui. The program has given me the confidence to practice.

Lilian Chia
Woodland, Singapore
Reiki Practitioner

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