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Book of Secret : Unlocking the Science

The Secret, in-depth knowledge and applications of Chinese Metaphysics.

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Feng Shui setting will work in no way, if you do not suppress bad energy at all locations.

A smart Practitioner will always advice you the cheapest and practical way to harness beneficial qi.

The Secret Code

to Life and Destiny

Mastery Course : Book of secret, Chinese Metaphysics
Unlocking the Myth


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AOF Mastery Program
Home Study Series

Key for Unlocking the Secrets and Science

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Answers to the secrets and advance formulas of metaphysical forces of nature better known as "Qi", to manipulate them to enhance on your life like your career, health, relationship and business success etc.

You'll learned about the necessary keys that are required to qualify for this life formula and nevertheless, the steps by steps procedure to set up and activation.

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