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Feng Shui Project tilt door

Feng Shui Commercial building for wealth and luck.

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Commercial Feng Shui Building
Create the environment of your dream home, business or office.

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To tilt or not to tilt? That depends on the gua chart of San Yuan application.   Door direction matching the man. Is the owner the guest or host of the house? That depends on the door reading.
Installing of doorframe (step 1)   Installing of main door (step 2)
Famous work by Reverend Hong Chuan, Bright hill temple.    
Tilting of main door is like a man with a crooked mouth...??? How true it is???  

Tilting of Stove direction.

Stove Setting for both health and prosperity.
(Using Pure San Yuan application)

door tilting   tilt door in feng shui
Redirecting qi of Balcony Door    
door tilted to improve qi  
Door Tilting (HDB Apartment) for changing beneficial qi for an untimely house.   Door Tilting: Completed work
new direction tilt door  
Balcony Tilting (Special Formation): 100% Guaranteed wealth and authority.   Balcony Tilting: using Da Gua formation to tap into the Qi from the external environment.
  tilt sliding door
    Work in progess. Slilding frame is complete and ready to have the door installed.

Commercial & Residential :: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 >> :: Page 9 of 10

Feng Shui Interior Design

All water points & auspicious directions are base on 64 Hexagram Upper & Lower Period Kua Formations. Applications and techniques apply does not involve using items of luck and charms.

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