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Singapore Feng Shui - Master Jon Sim on site.

Singapore feng shui - Importance of taking proper facing direction. Tilting of door to improve qi of the house

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Create the environment of your dream home, business or office.

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Feng Shui project for a heritage shop-house (Restaurant).

Analysing how the qi can flow freely through the stairs and benefit the main office on the second level. This is extremely important steps which many had missed out or unsure about it.

Clue: Its has nothing to do with shape of the stairs - spiral, triangular or square.

In many cases, good qi is accumulated only on the first level and does not flow smoothly to the second level. People on the second level will not be able to benefit from the good qi on the first level. In such cases, how can we alter the qi successfully by turning poison into medicine?

Tilting the main door of an apartment unit to redirect the qi of the house. The qi of the whole building can even be changed if the condition allows. This is known as traditional San Yuan application. We are not referring to the new age San Yuan school of feng shui.

Master Jon explaining the different types of qi to his customers and the circumstances in which the flying star chart of a house can be changed.

He also emphasized on the importance of how to take a proper measurement. That explains why sometimes feng shui works and sometimes it doesn't?

Renovation work in progress according to the fengshui layout plan.

Locating the good spot for the main office according to the plotted feng Shui chart.

Commercial & Residential Feng Shui Project :: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 >> ::

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