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My front door is facing a T-junction. Is this bad Feng Shui?

In general, to regard whether it is good or bad, study its traffic flow. If the T Junction consists of low traffic, it is still all right. For In depth studies, you need to know your house's Gua flow pattern.

For your references, a T Junction does not always mean bad in Feng Shui especially those who own a business unit at the ground level. With certain formulas and calculation, it brings positive energy. This method is widely used among Asia countries like Taiwan & Hong Kong.

Question Posted by Niak Yee
[Answered : 10:33:28 AM]

I'm seriously thinking of hiring a Feng Shui consultant to my place. What I'm afraid of is they will ask me to place items that are too oriental. I belong to a protestant Christian family and do not wish other fellowship to notice when they pay a visit to me.

You don't have to worry about that. People have great misunderstanding that after an audit, your house will be fill with Oriental decorating style. We'd mentioned numerous of time that Feng Shui is about balancing the energy flow in our environment and how we can improve the flow of beneficial energy. It is not about how to decorate your place with items.

Its true that in olden days, you'll be asked to place oriental items and decorations for the reason that practicing of feng shui is originated from Chinese. Its quite normal for chinese to blend in with culture belief together with FS theory.

But today, these culture change as the world become advance. Will you still use an olden days Chinese abacus (calculator) if modern calculator is besides you? The only thing remain unchanged is the energy flow around our enviroment.

In today's world of Feng Shui techniques of harnessing beneficial energy flow; it is put into practice to blend harmoniously with the look and style of modern living that makes it unseen to others. These style can be blend into all kinds of design including pop art and modern zen. You'll be surprise that most of the house and office with FS formation are done in way that no one will ever make notice of. In another words, when someone enters your home or office and realize that you'd probably apply FS theory within the property, you'd failed the job.

Question Posted by Mrs. Stevenson
[Answered : 13:23:45 PM]

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