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Feng Shui for Living Room Hallway

Feng Shui Principles of applying for Living room and hall.


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Living Hall

Is it better to have oval or square shape furniture in my living room? I hear having square shapes are bad for Feng Shui. Last of all, do I need special measurement for its length and height?

Any shape and measurement of furniture will not at any cause affect your Feng Shui. Some practitioner had the habit of having specific measurement for furniture but that is something you can ignore with.

Question Posted by Mrs Ang
[Answered : 10:33:15 AM]

Our new house address will be 16411. There are 3 yang numbers, and 2 yin numbers. I am worried that all numbers break down to "4" sounds like dead. Is that the way it works, or is this address ok in the world of feng shui?

Hi Gloria, you don't have to worry about that. Numbering for home address and unit do not play a part in classical feng shui. There is no such thing as lucky or unlucky numbers. For instance many Chinese look upon "8" as a lucky number base on the pronunciation "Fa" that represent sudden fortune and prosperity and avoid 4 "Shi" represent death. That's culture of belief. True FS is about studying of energy flow and not culture in belief of any kind.

Question Posted by Gloria
[Answered : 14:45:08 PM]

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