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Feng Shui Eight Mansion Kua Calculator

Analysis of your auspicious directions when you sleep, work and locate your bed and stove.

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Eight Mansion Feng Shui
In Eight Mansion School of Feng Shui, there are 8 different Gua numbers and these are calculated based on your year of birth and gender details.

This system is commonly known as Ba Zhai or Eight House that uses San He theories to locate beneficial ch'i cycle to improve your luck and well-being.
Make sure that the auspicious areas are where you work and sleep, and the inauspicious areas are storage areas, pantries, and bathrooms.

Analysis of personal Kua Number

Your Birth Date: Gender:

8 Mansion School of Feng Shui are not related to New Age FS System known as the Eight Life Aspirations or Eight Life Stations.





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