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Peach Blossom Remedy Love Luck

Online Peach Blossom Romance Analysis Service by Master Auntie Liu


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Peach Blossom Remedy
Online Peach Blossom Romance Analysis Service by Master Auntie Liu

Thank you for your interest with us. We are pleased to provide you with the following

Online Peach Blossom Romance Analysis Service by Master Auntie Liu

This is a one-time investment.

For USD$68.00, we will provide you with a full detailed analysis report, which includes:

  • A step by step guide on how to set up the formation
  • The accurate direction of yours Peach Blossom Luck to activate
  • Special Date Selection ( Important Key Factor )
    A selection of the most correct and ideal timing available, to be activating your Peach Blossom Romance Formation base on Personal Birth Data.

Unlike normal peach blossom formation you find online, we uses special destiny code to locate your romance spot. Usually there are 2 to 4 romance palace each year.

In the practice of classical Feng Shui, we emphasize greatly on the timing of activation of each formation.

Upon payment received & verified, we will forward the report to you via email within 3 working days. It will be in a PDF format.

Please be sure that your provided email address is the same as the one you use for your Paypal payment. Please also be sure that your email account is able to receive an attachment of size between 2 to 5 MB and that it is not set up to deny email from strangers.

Please fill in the below form with the correct and accurate details.

Your Name:

Company Name:


Your e-mail address:

Telephone / Fax:

Personal Birth Data MM/DD/YY ( Including Exact Time you're born AM/PM)
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We respect your desire for privacy and will not share your e-mail address and other form of contact with third parties.


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