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Life Destiny Understand Your Hidden Strength

Hidden strength can greatly bring you up but at the same time great extent bring you down.

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This hidden strength can greatly bring you up but at the same time, it can to a great extent bring you down. Key to winning a game

Life Destiny, Understand That Hidden Strength Inside of You
By Jon Sim

Let me ask you this question (it may sound silly to you though) Now, do you think you can be a killer?

Feeling hesitant to answer? Perhaps let me answer it for you. Yes, you are definitely capable of becoming one. Each and every one of us has the potential to be a killer.

Let's picture this scenario. I am sure you have got some very loved ones of whom you cherish deeply? Now, there is this mad guy armed with a knife threatening their lives. In front of you lay another knife, would you pick it up and fight to save your loved ones?

I am sure you will, wouldn't you? And for all you may know, because of your great love for them and anxiousness to save them, you may unknowingly end up killing the mad guy. Even if he may the one to first stab you, I am sure you would forget about all the pain fighting on, never giving up till your very last breath?

Now, why is this so? Nobody in his right mind would confront a mad guy armed with a knife.

But at this very critical moment, there is not time for any hesitation. Any second of delay in decision, you may just lose your very loved ones. And what that is happening is that inside of you, there is another you who is being woken up to take over full control of the situation to make that very decision to tell you to just go, go for it!

At this very second, that great courage and strength just uncontrollably grew within you; that courage of the tiger and the strength of the bear that never happen before just bestow itself onto you. And this courage and strength is way times of what you would normally have.

Amazing, isn't it? But to take a second to just think about it, it is just you.

You see. This is a gift of human kind, the hidden strength of human emotions. Inside each and every of us lives a hidden strength of unbelievable powers. Along with the changes of our emotions, this great power manifests itself. It is just that we don't know how to control it or rather, to correctly control it.

You may not have realized this. Many and I must emphasize, many of us are in fact already experts with this hidden strength. But sad to be saying, experts in the negative way. You may just be one of them.

For some reason or so, many just always choose to believe in the negatives. When met with some obstacles and problems in life, they simply just let the wrong emotions take over them; triggering their hidden strength in the wrong way. Sometimes, the emotion grow so strong that they unknowingly just destroy their own life; ending their lives for some.

Understand this. This hidden strength can greatly bring you up but at the same time, it can to a great extent bring you down too (Principle of Yin and Yang) Use it in the wrong way and it can result in terribly undesired outcome.

If you can let emotions bring you down, you can definitely let emotions push you ahead just further in life.

Understand the power of this hidden strength. Learn to control it. Put it to correct use and you can certainly achieve greatness in life.


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