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True to Yourself, Trusting your very own belief.

Have you being following your heart, believing in yourself trusting your very own belief.

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Have you being following your heart, believing in yourself; trusting your very own belief?

Have You Been True to Yourself?
By Jon Sim

Have you been true to yourself? Have you being following your heart, believing in yourself; trusting your very own belief? Or has this thought never even occurred to you before?

Now that you are reading this, give yourself this chance and ask yourself. Be true and honestly answer the question. It is a very simple question to answer, isn't it? To answer, just either a yes or a no. Simple as that!

But very often, things are just not that simple for many and who very likely include also you.

Being brought up in this fast modernized and ever-developing time, it is indeed hard for things to be that simple. Everyone of us is in a way forced to keep up with the pace, being brainwashed to just believe in the system; believing that in order to survive and to be successful, we have to follow what that is laid down for us, following what everyone else is doing; that you should be doing this and not doing that.

But are you not the one who is supposed to be telling yourself what you should do, rather than them?

And sad to be saying, many have just unknowingly live their life away only to find themselves with tons of regrets in their later years; too late to just do anything. To think of it, it is scary isn't it?

Now, this is certainly not the way life should be. To begin with, life shouldn't be this stressful.

Yes, to constantly learn and to improve on ourselves is what we certainly should be doing. But to lose your direction, drifting just further and further from the real you it shouldn't be.

Are you the real you now?

You have to understand this. Right within you there exists two states, your inner self and your outer self. Your inner self being your thoughts and beliefs, your outer self being yours actions in support of your inner thoughts. In simple, your inner self plus your outer self equal to the real you.

And to be the real you, your inner self and outer self must complement one another.

Remember this. You came into this world with a very own journey of yours to discover. This life journey is yours and yours alone and nobody else. You decide for yourself what you want and not for others to decide for you. If you are to please, you please yourself and not somebody else.

You see. For all that exists in this world, there is always the equal and the opposite side of them. Though opposing but are for all times, interrelating. This is the natural way of life (The Principle of Yin and Yang) When there is day there will be night. When there is positive there will be negative and when they are strengths they will be weaknesses and etc.

Similarly within you, when you can be happy you can be unhappy too. And I should believe happiness is what you seek in life?

So, be true to yourself! It is only when you are true to yourself, will happiness be found.

Instead of listening to others to allow them to tell you that you shouldn't do this and that, you tell yourself that you must do this and you must do that! Instead of listening to others, listen to your heart.

What is right and what is wrong? There is never a definitely right or wrong. You do what you think is right for yourself. Just picture this scenario. Since young, we have been taught over and over again that it is a sin to lie. Now, let me just ask. If you can actually save a person's life by telling a kind lie, would you? Tell a kind lie and he be spared, given another chance. Tell the truth and that poor man's life be taken.

Now, which is a sin, to tell a lie or to indirectly murder someone? A saint or a murderer, it is just between that thin line.

Similarly, a happy or an unhappy you? It is just between that thin line too. And which side of the line do you want to be at?

Remember this. To be a truthfully happy person, your actions must complements your thoughts and belief. You have to understand. Even the slightest decision can affect your life. Well, sometimes having just that little additional of few minutes of sleep makes a difference to your day? An efficient day or a bad day, that few minutes can make a great difference.

Seek the correct way of life. Be true to yourself and happiness you shall find...


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