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Explanation and Understanding of Life Destiny.

Future Predictions on understanding of life answers and key to your life destiny and future, it is a journey and not a destination.

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Future Predictions - Understanding of life answers and key to your life destiny and future, it is a journey and not a destination.

Explanation and Understanding of Life Destiny
By Jon Sim

What is life destiny?

To simply explain, it is your life journey. Some may choose to call it fate though. But does it really matter? Be it fate or destiny, what matter is that these are the events you are going to meet in life; how you are going to confront these challenges in your journey of life.

And just how to better confront these challenges? The very first is to ask yourself what do you want for yourself in life.

Remember, life is a journey and not a destination and it is a long one I must say.

To begin off your journey, you have to understand this.

Our life is greatly influenced by 3 factors (Heaven Luck, Human luck & Earth Luck) and they each accounts for 33% of our path of life. Hmmm...? 33% x 3 = 99% Now, you must be wondering where has the 1% gone to? But may I just ask, do you think life is going to be that 100% perfect?

So what exactly are these 3 lucks?

Heaven Luck is the luck that follows you into this Earth. And in fact, this is undeniably the key to your very life destiny. You couldn't deny the fact that you have totally no say over your birth; the place and time of your birth; the decision to be born into a rich or poor family? Take it or leave it, this is where your life journey begins.

Earth luck is what we refer to as the environmental influences, your residing and working environment; how the metaphysical forces of nature affect you (both positively and negatively) And very often, Feng Shui is used to help manipulate these metaphysical forces (better know as "Qi") to enhance on your life to attain beneficial changes.

Human luck refers to you. It is what you achieve through your up-bringing, virtues, educations and etc. Or to simply put it, it is your own actions and willingness to work hard towards your goals. And this is certainly what is within your control.

To understand these 3 lucks is to allow you to be able to better plan your life journey.

Let's get started with some planning, shall we? Now, take out a piece of blank printing paper and write down your goals. Write down on it what you want to achieve for yourself in life.


Good! Now take a look at what you have written. Are the words in a straight line?

No isn't it? And if you were to keep writing, the chances are the wordings will go even out of line, getting just messier.

And that's how life has been for many. Just like writing on a blank piece of printing paper, many has the idea of what they want but when they proceed further without proper planning, they went out of the line; losing their directions.

But if you were to write on proper writing paper with guiding lines, writing will just be so much easier and most importantly, so much more clearer; leading to just more of that flow and rhythm to go on and on.

And this is precisely what we should be doing. To have proper plans and directions to guide us along in our path of life, to better be achieving success in life. Remember this. The key to winning is always to understand clearly the objective well enough before you proceed.

Only when the objective is clear, will the correct directions follow.

Just recall the games, those games you played during your childhood. I am sure you have experienced times when you were just too impatient to get the rules clear, eagerly getting into the game, ending up losing to those who know the game better? Think about it. If the casino owners don't understand their games and objective well enough, do you think they can still be surviving so successfully?

Now, if you were to give it some serious thoughts. Life can be just a game too, isn't it?

And to allow yourself to better win this game, this game of destiny, we must first understand the rules and get the objective right.

Come! Let's be back to the start point of this journey and get things right first.

Recall the 3 factors of lucks (Heaven Luck, Earth Luck & Human Luck) To begin off this journey of life destiny, Heaven luck is the very first of what we should look at. Earth luck and Human luck come next.

Remember this. Heaven luck is that luck which follows you into this world. In another words, we can also say that it is yours very personal luck. (Something, which you cannot change though) Who and where you are, it is already all finalized. Good for you if you are born into the riches with the best of the environment to start off your life destiny. And I am just sorry, if you have to start off in a poor environment.

But whatever things may be, complaints won't get you anywhere. And if complaints are not going to get you anywhere, why not just make the best out of what you already have? (Yours personal luck)

Yes! And as the word personal imply, it mean this luck belong to you and nobody else. Positive or Negative a luck it is going to be? You decide it!

You see. In life, there is always two sides to everything (Principle of Yin and Yang) Just like when there is day there is night, when there are times of bad luck there can also be times of good luck. When there are weaknesses, there are also strengths and so on and so for.

Along with your personal luck, you certainly have your strength too. Work on it! And in your journey of life, there can be the best of times when good fortunes and luck are with you too. Make the best out of it!

And how can you discover your strengths and know when is the best time of luck to strike?

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