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Life Destiny, Five Elements of Life

Law of Nature, there are always two sides to everything too. When there is Day there will be Night.

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Chinese Astrology, Law of Nature, there are always two sides to everything too. When there is Day there will be Night.

The Five Elements Of Life
By Jon Sim

The law of Nature states that for all that exist in this world, there are always two sides to them (The Principle of Yin and Yang)

Yin & Yang: They are two individual natural form of energy that exists in our Universe, opposing yet interrelating.

Yin and Yang expresses the evolution of all that exists on this Earth. They are the opposites of one another, which together make up the whole. life is only made possible because of the interaction between Yin and Yang. We can never do without the existence of either of them. You can never have Yang without Yin and vice versa.

For your easier understanding, think of it this way. In life, there are always two sides to everything too. When there is Day there will be Night. When there is feminine there will be male and when there is failure, there will also be success and etc.

Our life is all greatly affected by the influence of Yin and Yang. A balance between these two opposing energy is always to be sought. When they are in balance, we feel good. But when we have too much or too less of either, we feel unwell. Think of it this way. In order to stay healthy and to work well, we have to have the appropriate hours of sleep and rest too.

To achieve the best of our life, we have to understand and follow this principle of Yin and Yang, to seek a balance in life; to establish a Yin and Yang balanced environment for ourselves (both physically and spiritually)

And what that brought about this ultimate balance of this very world in which we are residing are five very elements. The five elements of life: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

All forms on this Earth belong to either one of the above-mentioned five elements and are always in one way or another, mutually affecting one another, which in turn affect our life. This is an ever-going cycle in the law of Nature.

It is the relationship of these very five elements that brought about the formation of this Earth (The basis of Yin & Yang)

The Productive Cycle:

  • Water generates Wood: The rain nourishes the Earth, bringing about the growth of the plants and trees
  • Wood generates Fire: The plants and trees are by nature, combustible matter which generates fire
  • Fire generates Earth: Under flames, article turn into ashes which form soil
  • Earth generates Metal: Soil contains minerals which over time, form metal
  • Metal generates Water: Under flames, metal melt into liquid state and likewise water dew is formed quickly on cool metal surfaces

The Destructive Cycle:

  • Water destroys Fire: Water can extinguish fire
  • Fire destroys Metal: Fire can melt metal
  • Metal destroys Wood: Metal cut wood apart
  • Wood destroys Earth: Wood can thrust into soil
  • Earth destroys Water: Soil is able to retain water, preventing flood

As you can see in the above 2 cycles, the presence of all the five elements is required to bring about a balance of this world. Having too much or too little of any of the above five elements is never desired. For instance, too much of a heat from the sun can cause drought while too much of a rain can inversely cause flood and so on. A balance is always to be sought (The principle of Yin and Yang)

And for your understanding, the time, year and date of birth of yours are also categorized as under one of the five elements.

Meaning to say? You are one essential element that cannot be missing from the whole picture.

Remember. You came into this world with a very personal life element of yours. And within this personal element of yours, you will find your strengths and weakness.

The five elements of life have got each of their individual value. Understand your strength well. You have that unique ability of your too. Make good and correct use of it, you are certainly someone capable of great accomplishment too.

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