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Feng Shui notes for Newlywed Couples

Point to note for moving in your new home with your very love.

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Feng Shui For Newlywed Couples

Feng Shui For Newlywed
By Jon Sim

Starting your very marriage life? Looking forward to moving in your new home, to spend some wonderful personal time with your very love?

And having spent so much on the renovation of your new home, surely you would like it to be a nice, cozy and comfortable place? And better still to make it a place, which could bring about prosperity, good fortune and harmony for you and your loved one?

Now, here is where Feng Shui can come into place to make it possible.

By the law of the nature, one is greatly affected by the quality of the "Qi" (the metaphysical forces of nature) in his or hers residing environment. On absorbing negative "Qi", one would tend to feel moody and fall sick easily, resulting in undesirable decisions and actions, which affect his or her life. But on the contrary, if one is able to take in the good positive "Qi", he or she would usually be blessed with good health and nevertheless, also good fortune.

Just as like a metal piece, which will eventually get magnetized when placed in a strong magnetic environment, one will similarly be in a way affected by the environment he or she is in. It is just a matter of whether is it in good or bad sense.

Feng Shui is a tool, which can help to ensure that it is the good positive "Qi" and not the bad, which surround you. It is a profound skill used to manipulate the metaphysical forces of nature to help enhance one's well-being, the art of living in harmony with the nature environment.

But do take note. When we talk about your new home (residing environment), there is something very important which you have to be aware of.

Each year, certain locations in your home would be considered inauspicious. And without cautious handling, they are very likely to generate harmful influences for you and your loved one. In Feng Shui, they are known as "Sha Qi" where "Sha" refer to negative energy in Chinese. In some worst scenario, they may actually lead to some undesired misfortunes like severe illness and accidents.

Very often, these "Sha Qi" are unknowingly triggered during times when the earth is disturbed. In this case, usually during the renovation works.

To avoid unnecessary misfortunes, a suitable timing for commencing renovation works should be arranged. Remember to seek one from your Feng Shui consultant if you are planning to get one.

Note: If he tell you there is no the need, you better think twice on employing his services. Don't risk your home safety to some inexpert!

Think about it. 24 hours in a day, where are you most of the time? Wouldn't you want your home to be a home with good Feng Shui? A home sweet home for you and your loved one?

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