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Life Reading Vs Feng Shui, Which is important.

Should we focus more on Personal Life Reading or Feng Shui. This has always been an argument.

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In Feng shui aspect.

Personal Life Reading and Feng Shui
One should focus on both Heaven and Earth Luck and not also forgetting our own actions, the Human Luck.

Life Reading Vs Feng Shui
( Which is important )
By Jon Sim

Should we focus more on Personal Life Reading (Heaven Luck) or Feng Shui (Earth Luck)? This has always been an argument.

Which is more significant? Heaven Luck or Earth Luck?

To start off, let's first talk about life reading.

Now, is life reading really 100% accurate? The answer is no. Many have had the misconception that life reading is able to 100% predict past & future events. Life reading tools is a tool used to forecast what is supposed to happen based on one's heavenly given luck; the Heaven Luck that follows you along your birth. It is calculated based on the assumption that there are no presences of any other external factors of influences around you.

Yes, it is definitely in its way accurate based on given Heaven Luck. However in this real world, we can't deny the fact of the presence of other external factors. Your residing and working environment, your education received, people to people relationship and etc will all have direct impact over your life's achievement. And they are especially so when it comes to your home (the Earth Luck) and your relationship with people around you (the Human Luck). It is these factors, which often result in the difference you experienced from that of your predicted luck from Life Reading Analysis.

For example, your predicted luck period may be bad. But on the other hand, your home Feng Shui and nevertheless its surrounding environment is good. Given such a scenario, you will often realize that your luck is not exactly that bad as what was predicted and at times even better.

Now, why is this so? Let's answer this question. How much time do you normally spent in your home? On the average, half or more of each day? And that explains why. For most of the time, you are actually in a good environment, receiving the beneficial Qi from a good Feng Shui environment, having improving and enhancing on your Earth Luck.

Now, what is the purpose for getting your personal life reading analysis? May we assume is to better avoid the unpleasant and improve your overall luck?

To be advising, by getting your life reading analyzed is not enough. It is just like going for a health check up. What should happen if one should misfortunately be diagnosed with some health problem, some unforeseen cancer? He or she can't just wait to get well on his or her own. The necessary treatment or operation has to be arranged. And similarly, it is not possible to wait around and expect your luck would be tremendously changed and improved on its own. By discovering your life reading analysis, you are only advised on how to avoid the unpleasant but do note, your luck has not in anyway been altered.

What can you do?

Let's take for another example. Based on your annual life analysis, you are advised not to be involved in any major business investment for the year. Besides being cautious and avoiding, what else should you do? What if you are running a business? You can't possibly be pushing away all business dealings?

This is the time where Feng Shui would come into place to improve on your wealth luck, which at the same time minimize and prevent any unnecessary losses. It is a tool on its own which always bring about beneficial improvement.

To get the best out of things, the combination of different and functional tools should be used. With the accurate analysis of your personal life reading, you can better be avoiding the unpleasant. And with the further correct application of Feng Shui, you can very much improve on your luck. Complementing one another, they would certainly be beneficial aids in enhancing one's life achievement. Now, isn't this getting the best out of both worlds? Getting both the cake and the pie?

To be answering the question again, one should focus on both Heaven and Earth Luck and not also forgetting our own actions, the Human Luck.

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